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We've Been Busy! Did You Hear About Our New...

sales successWe've been busy with summer vacations, back to school shopping, moving kids into dorms and posting adorable first day of school pictures of the munchkins on Facebook. We bet you've been busy too! That's why we wanted to send out a quick post to make sure you didn't miss some of this great content from The Center for Sales Strategy during this hectic time of year:

A new eBook, Howie Gets His Dream Job. In this book, you'll learn the secrets "Howie" uses to achieve sales success after landing his first job in sales. Howie faces lots of obstacles and receives lots of... interesting... advice from peers. See how he sorts it all out and achieves sales greatness!

A new white paper, Generational Econonics. If you market to consumers, or if your clients market to consumers, you will want to read this white paper by Mike Anderson, our VP of Consumer Insights and Communication. Rather than being defined (and confined) strictly by age, marketers should consider their target consumers by life stage… and get better acquainted with the way purchasing priorities shift as consumers move through life. 


The Relationship Between Premium Content and Lead Generation

One of the basic premises of an effective lead generation strategy (or blogging for that matter) is that you need to provide your readers with great content to keep them coming back for more. (READ MORE)

5 Things to Consider When Building a Digital Team

1. Set expectations early and often. From job posting to making an offer, be up front with expectations. Make sure your job posting is clear and concise, focusing on the core talents and skills needed in the position. The more you can include about the type of candidate you are looking for, the less non-qualified candidates will apply. (READ MORE)

Olympians—and Top Sales Performers—are 'Born this Way'

A hot topic every time we write about it, are top performers "born this way"? Read on and join the discussion!

Every fourth summer, a great many of us spend much more time watching TV than we did the previous three summers. It’s the Olympics, of course, and our eyes are drawn to the tube by the incredible athletic talent on display. But do we realize just how important, how determinative, that talent is? (READ MORE)


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