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Sales Strategy: 4 Things High Performing Salespeople Do Every Friday

sales strategy for fridayHigh performing salespeople are intense; they typically have a long to-do list each week and they attack that list with extreme focus.  They’re dedicated, highly customer focused, competitive, and can typically accomplish more in one-week than any average Joe could in one month.  And because of this, they need their “down time” or as Sun Tzu put it in The Art of War, time to sharpen their sword.  But before they can participate in “down time,” offered by the weekend, they need to feel like it’s well deserved.


Following are 4 things high performing salespeople do every Friday:

Get to work early - Friday is bittersweet, it’s fantastic because the next day is Saturday, but it’s also a bit stressful because it leaves only one more working day to accomplish everything that needed to get done within the week. High performing salespeople are methodical about their time, and they have an innate desire to do what they’ve set out to do…so getting an early start on the last day of the week is critical for the sales strategy. It’s the home stretch — they can see the finish line, and like all Olympic runners… this is when they kick it into high gear!

Take a look back – All high performing salespeople create a to-do list of some kind. Whether it’s in the form of lots of sticky notes strategically placed on their computer screen, a task management list in Outlook or Google, or an old fashioned list written with pen and paper.  They juggle a lot, so it stands to reason why they need a list to keep their to-do’s organized and prioritized. High performing salespeople always make sure they’ve completed their weekly tasks before heading into the weekend. If not, they can’t truly enjoy their time-off. Which means, if necessary they’ll work during the weekend.

Keep Score – High performing salespeople are scorekeepers and they constantly judge their own performance. They all have sales goals to meet and customer projects and expectations to manage. Each Friday they’ll either think, “this was an incredible week” or “man, this was not my best week!”  They’re extremely competitive and they expect a lot from themselves, so it’s natural for them to regularly assess their performance. Friday is typically judgment day for all high performing salespeople.

Plan ahead – High performing sales people believe they have to plan to succeed, they don’t believe they will accomplish their goals by accident.  And as I’ve already mentioned, they’re notorious list makers. Before heading into the weekend, high performing salespeople have already started their to-do list for the next week. This is important, as they want to hit the ground running first thing Monday morning.  

High performing, talented salespeople are exceptionally busy on Fridays.

They don’t slow down and they work hard with intense focus in order to end the week thinking “wow…that was an incredible week! I deserve some time off this weekend.” 

These are just four things high performing salespeople do on Fridays, what are some other things they do to end their week and prepare for the weekend?


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Demrie Henry is a Performance Consultant at The Center for Sales Strategy

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