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Do These 4 Things EVERY Friday

Do These 4 Things EVERY Friday

In the world of sales, you are either a top performer or you're not!

Yes, there are new salespeople and journeyman sellers, but the reality is that even these sales reps are going to be top performers or not.

Top performers are driven, competitive, hard-working, positive, persuasive, and problem-solvers! They make the most of every day, every meeting, and every opportunity. They are prepared, confident, and start the day running.

So, the question of the day is, "Do you WANT to be a top performer or not?" If you do, then these are four things that you need to do every single Friday until you retire.

1. Start Early, Finish Strong

For most people, Fridays are great because it's the end of the week, and they can "coast" into the weekend.  But you are NOT most people; you are a top performer, so instead of coasting, you will hit it hard!

Top salespeople ensure an early start. They see Friday as the final sprint to the finish line. By getting a jump on the day, they ensure they have enough time to tackle all those last-minute tasks and close out the week strong.

They fill up their schedules with meetings to avoid wasting the day. So, set that alarm a little earlier and watch your productivity soar.

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2. Cold Call

The last thing the average salesperson wants to do on a Friday is cold call.  That's why they are average.

But, if you want to be a top performer, Fridays are the perfect day to cold call and schedule meetings for the upcoming week. It will give you an advantage in setting up meetings for the next couple of weeks.

Plus, since Fridays are slower days, you are more likely to catch a decision maker at their desk answering their phones.

3. Review and Reflect

High performers always make time to look back on the week. They check their to-do lists, pipelines, and CRMs. It’s their way of making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

They can leave work on Friday with peace of mind by reviewing what they’ve accomplished and what’s still pending. If something critical is left undone, they’ll take care of it to fully enjoy their weekend.

Reflecting on the week also helps them understand what worked and didn’t, setting them up for an even better week ahead.

It's also a time to review their goals and set new goals for the upcoming week. This self-assessment helps them stay competitive and motivated. It’s not about being hard on themselves; it’s about staying honest and driven. Knowing where they stand at the end of the week gives them clarity and purpose for the next.

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4. Plan for Success

The best salespeople don’t leave planning to chance. Before they wrap up for the weekend, they’ve already started outlining their tasks for the next week. They believe in being proactive rather than reactive.

By setting up their to-do list for Monday, they ensure they can hit the ground running when the new week begins. This forward-thinking approach not only boosts their productivity but also reduces Monday morning stress. They walk into the office with a clear plan and a focused mindset, ready to tackle new challenges.


So there you have it—four things high-performing salespeople do every Friday: start early, cold call, review and reflect, and plan ahead.

Incorporate these habits into your routine, and watch your efficiency and effectiveness skyrocket. Remember, success in sales isn’t just about working hard; it’s about working smart.

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*Editor's Note: This blog has been updated since its original post date. 

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