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In Your Sales Strategy, Are You Psyched Up For the Close?


Will that “moment of truth” be looming in the next meeting with your prospect – the meeting where you look him or her in the eye and ask for the order? Or, will the next meeting be the one where you confirm the details to implement your plan... because, the prospect already knows most of what is in your proposal (they helped you build it), the price range, and most of what it’s going to take to buy your solution? I hope it’s the latter.

You should do everything you can to avoid the traditional “all or nothing” close – that meeting where the atmosphere is fraught with tension because everyone knows the question about commitment is about to hit the table. 

If you have done your job correctly, and involved the prospect in every step from needs analysis to idea generation, closing is simple and natural. 

By treating your prospect as a participant instead of a spectator, you have already “mini-closed” your way to the most predictable outcome – getting your plan adopted. If you get your prospect to invest time, energy, ideas, information, and run several “trial balloons” prior to presenting any kind of proposal, you’ve been closing all along.

Look at your sales in progress right now and plan several mini-closes you might use to move the process forward, so you can avoid the risky “all or nothing” close. You’ll be happy and your client will appreciate the interactive process. 

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