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Sales Strategies to Keep Your Sales Tank Full

Keep Your Sales Tank FullI wasn't expecting an epiphany.  It was just a late night stop to fill up my gas tank. As I drove away I had a certain feeling of satisfaction as I looked at the gas gauge. Maybe it's because I know if you let your car run out of gas, you'll be walking a lonely road. 

As I headed toward home, I started thinking about how important it is in sales to keep your tank full.

If you let your "sales tank" run out of gas, you will be walking a lonely road.  

Three ideas to keep your sales tank full:

Head:  Read every day and challenge yourself to apply at least one thing each day.

Heart:  Express appreciation to a client, co-worker or family member at least twice a week.

Hands:  Try to shake the hand of at least one new prospect or business contact each week (and don't forget to connect on LinkedIn).

Good habits can be hard to start, but they tend to get easier once they become routine.  Get started today!


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