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Increase Your B2B Sales with These Five Sales Blog Posts

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Whether you're a business owner or sales manager, marketing director or account executive-- sales strategy is an important component of every business. The ability to uncover needs and incorporate solution-based selling into your company culture is more important than ever before and at The Center for Sales Strategy we work hard to help organizations follow these methods.

To help you continue moving forward in increasing your sales performance, and ultimately your revenue, we've compiled a few of the most popular blog posts so far this year that will help you do just that. 

1) Sales Strategy: Four Things High Performing Salespeople Do Every Friday

High performing salespeople are intense; they typically have a long to-do list each week and they attack that list with extreme focus.  They’re dedicated, highly customer focused, competitive, and can typically accomplish more in one-week than any average Joe could in one month.

2) Six Things High Performing Sales People Never Do!

What things DON’T high performing sales people do? What things do they make certain to NEVER do? In order to fully understand what makes a high performing sales person, it’s helpful to recognize behaviors NOT exhibited by this elite group.

3) Six Horrible Words Customer Focused Salespeople NEVER Say!

If you’ve ever found yourself using those 6 horrible words, I encourage you to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you would ever want to work with someone who used those words to describe solidifying a relationship with you.

4) Sales Strategy: Get Out Of The Non-Communication Abyss

You’ve worked hard to uncover their needs, and collaborated on various solutions to solve their business problems with relevant workable solutions. You’ve partnered and contracted all along the way to align expectations and effectively plan next steps. And all of a sudden… like a sucker punch to the gut, your prospect has disappeared and fallen off the face of the earth.  

5) Generate Quality Leads… Here’s How to Do It in 561 Words!

Generating qualified leads with inbound marketing is not complicated or difficult.  It’s a repeatable process that can be broken down in only 561 words!


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