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Top Five B2B Sales Resources of 2013

Top Five!

In business sometimes we all just need a push in the right direction, and getting your hands on relevant, useful content can often be just what you need. Our goal on this blog is to provide a plethora of resources beyond blog posts to help you with your sales strategy, sales management, and marketing tactics. That's why we continuously develop new, free documents that will help you strengthen your talents and increase your knowledge.

Below is a compilation of the top 5 most popular free resources we have to offer on our website. Check them out, share them with your friends, and enjoy! 

1) Hourglass Needs Analysis

Make your needs analysis calls stronger! Learn more about how you can help your clients and prospects when you use the Hourglass Needs Analysis!

2) 30 Days to Inbound Marketing Success

Is your company considering getting involved with blogging and starting an inbound marketing program? If so, it's important you get off to a good start by developing a sound inbound marketing strategy and by following inbound marketing best practices. 

3) AppointmentLab.com

The Problem: Sellers are not going on enough quality appointments. Download Our FREE eBook "Eight Secrets to Setting High-Quality Appointments"

A quality appointment is an appointment that is scheduled in advance, with a clear agenda that includes either conducting a needs analysis or discussing ideas specifically related to a previously identified assignment.

4) Sales Staff Turnover

Missing revenue numbers and inflating sales department numbers really does come down to one thing. 

Download the whitepaper that illustrates the case: "Sales Staff Turnover -  More Expensive and Destructive Than You Think" 

5) How Selling Steps

Sales success is a process that begins when you select high quality prospects that fit your sales organization's ideal customer profile. The process continues as you set the appointment and uncover needs...

It is our newest resource & already in the Top 5! Be sure to get your copy of Sales Staff Turnover -  More Expensive and Destructive Than You Think.


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