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And the Truth Shall Set You Free

And the truth shall set you freeMost people go through their day telling people what they want to hear. They don’t consider it lying, just coloring the truth to make it more pleasing. As salespeople, you might color the truth about why you want an appointment. What if today, you told the client the real reason you want to meet with them? What if for one day, like the character played by Jim Carrey in Liar, Liar, you had to tell the truth? Would they be more, or less likely to want to meet with you?

Before you make your next call, be honest with yourself about why you want the meeting. 

Is your real reason to reach this month’s goal? Is to push the latest package you're being pressured to sell? Or, just maybe, is it because you have identified that you can help that client solve one of their business challenges? Because if you can do that, you might even accomplish all three of those goals, and deliver a win-win result in the process.

Before you make your next call today, print or write out these three questions and circle MORE or LESS for each one: 

  • If this person knew the real reason I want to meet with them, would they be (MORE/LESS) likely to want to meet with me?
  • If this person knew the kind of topics and questions I want to discuss with them, would they block out (MORE/LESS) time to meet with me?
  • If this person had a better understanding of the way I do business, would they be (MORE/LESS) enthusiastic about meeting with me?

If your valid business reason for meeting would make the client answer MORE, be sure you take the time to communicate that. Not every salesperson can say that, and if you can, the truth will set you free.

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