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Do You Have the Right Mindset to be a Successful Leader Today?

Do You Have the Right Mindset to be a Successful Leader Today

When we think of leadership, we often think of qualities or characteristics such as courage, inspiration, or perseverance. These qualities or traits are actually one of several ingredients in a powerful recipe for success and winning. That recipe is mindset.

Unprecedented headwinds over the past few years have created immense challenges and uncertainty. Leaders of companies big and small have faced a global pandemic; supply chain issues; inflation; and talent shortages just to name a few.

Recipe for a Winning Leadership Mindset

Leaders who thrive rather than struggle share several key mindset characteristics. You can add these as ingredients to your own recipe for a winning leadership mindset.

The Leadership Challenge

Purpose: Connect to your “why” and your desire to make a difference. Leaders with purpose are driven by a focus on their mission, and they have the ability to create a triple win by growing themselves, their team, and their organization.

Persuasion: Leaders with this talent do not hesitate to take risks and can move their team toward agreement. They motivate and mobilize others to overcome reluctance and have the courage to speak out regarding their convictions. Using their strength of persuasion, they take smart risks and can drive their team toward results.

Business Acumen: Business smarts and excellent judgment are key ingredients in any winning mindset. Leaders with this strength know how to build sustained revenue and growth and manage effectively at all levels. They establish and maintain clear expectations for success and what is most needed to grow the business.

Agility: With the global landscape changing daily, what could be more important than the ability to stay flexible, pivot on a dime, and easily take an alternate direction when needed. Leaders with agility thrive in quickly changing circumstances. No matter how complex the situation, they make good decisions using both data and their intuition.

Positivity: An optimistic viewpoint and belief that success is always achievable, even when faced with roadblocks or obstacles, is critical to fulfilling the mission of any organization. Leaders who are strong in positivity move forward with an unwavering focus on what is possible. And they spark that positivity in others to drive their team forward.


As you think about your own strengths and success as a leader, consider some of the ingredients above to perfect the recipe for your winning leadership mindset.

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