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Don't Use "Calling On Better Prospects" as an Excuse!

Dont_Use_Calling_OnBetter_Prospectsas_an_ExcuseSpending time with fewer, more highly-qualified prospects is generally a good strategy. Better prospects who meet your Ideal Customer Profile deserve more time, energy, and creativity in your approach because they have such strong potential. In fact, you probably already know the monetary value of such a high-quality appointment with the near-perfect prospect.

Peter Drucker says "Concentration is the secret to all economic success," and concentrating your appointment-setting activities on ideal prospects always pays off. If you make 40 new business approaches a week, you will accomplish more by communicating five times with eight strong prospects than one time with 40 prospects. Studies show prospects don't even begin to notice you until you make five approaches and many appointments are set after seven touches. Most salespeople give up way before that.

Quantity or Quality?

But sometimes we see salespeople using the quality paradigm as an excuse to make fewer new business calls. New business activity should not diminish because you are calling on fewer prospects. In fact, it may actually increase compared to the scorched earth approach of just smiling and dialing. Under this approach your work is directed toward your best prospects and the work is more likely to secure an appointment.  


So, how do you focus your energy on fewer, better prospects without becoming a pest? You should get creative and use a different message each time as well as multiple media. Your first approach might be on email sending along a testimonial from a satisfied customer. Your second approach might be by telephone, reiterating your Valid Business Reason and asking for an appointment. You might then follow up on email with some research of value to your prospect, and we recommend you even send a letter in the US Mail containing your Valid Business Reason and asking them to contact you. Later you can follow up with a success story from another client and call in a few days. To see our Don't Give Up process, click here.  

Being persistent is crucial, but being creative is the key to moving from pest to potential partner.

An Excuse?

Don't let calling on fewer, more ideal prospects be an excuse for lack of new business activity. Work harder, be creative, get noticed, and get an appointment! One common-sounding attempt to get an appointment with 40 prospects might meet your activity goals, but the plan won't meet your revenue goals. Calling on eight qualified prospects multiple times and in multiple ways — good. Foraging for low-hanging fruit by calling 40 prospects once —  bad.

Wouldn't you rather be good?


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