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What Will You Do This Week to Help Your Salespeople Get Better? (VIDEO)


I've always found it fascinating that the greatest athletes of all time  -- whether it be Michael Jordan or Tom Brady -- always practiced. Every single day, they would go to the gym or go to the field, and they would practice the basics.

I find that interesting, because in sales, rarely do we ever practice. Pretty much every needs analysis or presentation is game day. We walk in, ready to play, and hope it works out. We don't spend much time rehearsing, practicing, or game planning, and I think that's a mistake. 

As a sales manager, it's your job to help your salespeople get better at what they do. So, how do you do that? 

How to Help Salespeople Improve

The only way salespeople can get better is through practice and feedback.

I'm a huge proponent of two things:

1.Role Play

You should be doing role play with your salespeople. Give them the opportunity to see what it will take in a regular needs analysis or presentation, so that they are ready for the game. 

2. In-Field Coaching

When that opportunity comes, and it's game day, you need to be in the field with your team. It's very hard to coach from the locker room.

If you do these two things, your players (salespeople) will get better. They may not be Tom Brady, but they will be a lot better than before. What will you do this week to help your salespeople get better?

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