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How to Keep Morale High While Working from Home

How to Keep Morale High While Working from Home

For some, the benefits of working from home are plenty. However, working from home is not for everyone, and experts say there are potential negative side effects to consider, such as feelings of isolation, loneliness, and disconnect.

It’s estimated that 46% of employees don’t know what to do after a meeting — leading to confusion, frustration, and unproductivity. Additionally, 26% of employees feel pressured to respond to work emails outside of business hours — leading to more stress.

All of this contributes to morale, and morale is the driver for productivity and engagement. While your team is working remotely, you’ll have to find new ways to work together and communicate, ensuring your company culture thrives in the comfort of your team’s own home.

Top Virtual Moral Booster Communication

2021 Talent Magazine - Square ButtonAre you struggling to find creative ways to keep team morale high while employees are working remotely?

One of the most important things you can do is improve communication. According to a recent MIT survey, nearly half (47%) of participants cited effective communication as crucial to their transition to remote work. In order to alleviate confusion and improve communication:

  • End meetings with clear goals
  • Email meeting recaps with next steps
  • Discuss changes by phone or video meeting

5 Ways to Maintain Morale in a Remote Work Environment

1. Promote Teamwork

Allow employees the opportunity to team up on projects and collaborate on ideas. Schedule regular team brainstorming sessions to discuss problems or objections sellers are encountering.

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2. Encourage "Real Breaks"

Remote workers often find it difficult to switch off and recharge. Remind workers to take breaks throughout the day and give them a few ideas. Encourage people to stand, stretch, go for a walk, or just let their mind wander. These breaks can help improve concentration, focus, and productivity.

3. Provide Feedback

Schedule time each week to provide each direct report with feedback. The best opportunity to see them in action is to sit in on client meetings, whether in person or virtual; you’ll be able to gather information to let them know exactly what they are doing well and provide ideas for growth and improvement.

4. Focus on Strengths

Strengths may show up differently in a remote environment. Discuss each direct report’s top talents and strategies for how they can maximize these strengths when working from home and when working with clients in different ways.

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Sustain a Happy Virtual Workplace

Major companies like Microsoft, Indeed, and American Express recently announced that employees could work remotely long-term. For those organizations, and many more, productivity, efficiency, and innovation have risen in a remote environment.

However, there are still several other companies struggling to maintain high morale and work culture. If you don’t do the work to sustain a happy virtual workplace, you risk losing top talent and sabotaging the morale of your employees.

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