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3 Things You Can Do Today to Engage Candidates on Glassdoor

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Glassdoor was initially founded with the intent to improve transparency, which is part of the foundation for increasing employee engagement, but the benefit of being transparent doesn’t stop there. According to a recent Glassdoor.com study, positive online employee reviews not only enhance your overall employer brand, they directly correlate to a higher volume of candidate resumes for open positions and lower salary increases for the same job.    

Whether you're new to Glassdoor, or you've been using it to boost your employer brand for a while, make sure you do (or are doing) these three things to engage with more candidates and improve your sales team recruitment efforts.

1. Claim your business on Glassdoor.com.

2021 Talent Magazine - Square ButtonA company that goes unclaimed can leave a candidate wondering how engaged your company is with its employer brand, and subsequently its employees, so if you haven’t claimed your business on Glassdoor, do it today.

Designate someone to be the keeper of your company profile so you can stay in touch with your company reviews, create a company profile, and highlight your reason for being to potential candidates.   

2. Comment on your negative reviews.

Commenting on negative reviews shows job seekers you are transparent and also helps balance a poor review. When commenting, we recommend you keep in mind who you hope to influence with your response. In many cases, it’s not the reviewer. Responses should reflect your company culture because it’s potential candidates and current employees you want to influence most.  

If you choose to comment, there’s no back-and-forth. Your response cannot be replied to, but keep in mind that responses on Glassdoor can’t be edited or deleted. Your comment only goes away if the reviewer decides to post a new review or Glassdoor feels you’ve violated their Employer Account Agreement.   

3. Encourage your current employees to write a review.

Your current employees like sharing their opinions so encourage them to share on Glassdoor, too! Many employees like to be a part of helping their employer build an excellent talent bank. However, be careful not to make your current employees feel like you have a hidden agenda. Let them know you want their genuine feedback with honest reviews because that’s what helps an employer improve their brand on Glassdoor. This can also present an opportunity to discover areas you may want to grow within your current culture of engagement. 

While doing these three things today can help boost engagement, it’s not a “one and done.”  You need to commit to monitoring and managing your page daily, and if needed, respond to comments and reviews within 24 hoursAs quick as a candidate may be to review your page on Glassdoor, they are just as quick to review your competitor’s page. Depending on what they see, they’ll decide which company is a likely fit for them.  

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