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Sales Manager's Takeaways From Talent Training

Sales Managers Takeaways From Talent Training

The majority of participants that attend a “typical” training program or workshop will forget 70% of what they were taught within two weeks. Our goal for the Talent Focused Management (TFM) workshop is to provide clients with strategies and tactics that they can actually put into practice immediately.

Here are some takeaways from sales managers that will enlighten The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS) clients, as well as others, as to why —and how—not all workshops are created equally.

TFM focuses on talent as a top priority to improving sales performance. Sales managers learn the balance between nature and nurture in growing their salespeople. Managing sales is only half the job. The other half—leading people—is not something that comes automatically.

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Walking Away with Strong Action Steps

Do you ever wonder if you’re doing your very best as a sales manager? Research shows that most people learn more effectively when they share the experience with others. Taking time to attend an in-person workshop allows for quality interactions, opportunities to work together on solutions to real-life challenges, and practicing new techniques. We remember engaging experiences much more effectively than we do just consuming a deluge of information.

These are just a few of the takeaways from a recent TFM workshop:

“The bell exercise is one of the best hands-on activities I’ve seen performed in any workshop. The exercise requires you to think quickly, but by the end of each round, you also see that it only takes minutes to perform a task you thought would take a lot longer.”

“I’ve been to a lot of talent workshops over the years, and this one is nothing like I’ve ever experienced. In terms of tactics, style, terminology, and just overall lessons learned.”

“The competition that we go through improves our overall decision-making abilities. The competition shows you the direct impact of your decisions, and I know I’ll be going back using these resources, setting-up job descriptions, and filling-up the talent bank.”

“It’s validating to know that you’re not the only one struggling, and by participating, observing, and sharing other’s experiences, I truly benefited from their knowledge, solutions, and tips and tricks. The biggest takeaway for me is that you can easily guide others to answers without giving them the direct answer.”

“Aside from learning that I need to keep my talent bank full; I also learned a lot about getting to know my team – and new hires- on a personal level. Knowing who they are, their workload, and their daily duties helps me recognize their natural talents and manage each person based on them, not as a team.

(Talent + Fit) x Investment = Growth

Sales managers must drive performance while creating an atmosphere that will attract and keep top talent—all while keeping the organization focused on delivering outstanding value for customers.

The job is tough. To succeed in all of these expectations, you must have an appreciation for talent, a nose for recruitment, awareness for the competitive marketplace, and a focus on developing people.

All clients leave TFM workshops with valuable insights into talent and performance. And they’re better prepared to drive performance in the sales operation they run. It’s all about how we develop people, and through this workshop, we help managers build a unique coaching plan for each person on their team based on their individual talents.

If you’re currently a CSS client, contact your sales consultant or register for our Talent Focused Management series in our resource center.

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