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Weekly Roundup: Boost Income From Existing Clients, Win Big Deals + More

Boost Income From Existing Clients, Win Big Deals


"The questions you ask are more important than the things you could ever say."

-Thomas Freese


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15 Creative Ways To Boost Income From Existing Clients–Forbes

Numerous stats show that customer retention is a key component of a business's growth strategy. Companies spend a lot on keeping customers coming back for more. However, a lot of companies don't see their existing customers as a form of regular income. They spend more money on trying to enter new markets and may end up losing their existing customers as a result.

Boosting revenue from existing clients means showing them that the business appreciates them and offering them benefits for their loyalty. In addition to these methods, there are other creative ways of engaging your existing clientele. Here, 15 associates of Forbes Coaches Council discuss the innovative ways they've seen used to boost income from existing clients. >>>READ MORE

9 Questions to Think Like a Client and Win Big Deals–The Sales Blog

We talk a lot about empathy in business, but we don’t make the idea practical and tactical for salespeople, making it easy to execute. Thinking like a client can help you discover what they might need from you and how you can best help them.

Here are nine questions that are worth answering, either individually or with a small team dedicated to improving their sales results. >>> READ MORE

How to Keep Closing B2B Deals During the Pandemic–Harvard Business Review

Covid-19 has changed the world of B2B sales. Even if you started the year with a packed pipeline, few businesses have escaped the economic turmoil, and about 50% of B2B buyers are holding off on purchases because of the pandemic, according to McKinsey & Co. Lowering quotas, slashing forecasts, and cutting marketing budgets are a must for many companies that have been disproportionately affected by the virus, particularly in industries such as automotive, travel, and hospitality.

Businesses who spend their time brainstorming how to drum up new leads once the storm has passed will be too late to gain a competitive (or any) advantage: When the pipeline runs out, it will take time to get it flowing again. Don’t stop testing your tactics and tightening your processes. To keep closing deals, try sticking to the following steps. >>> READ MORE

7 Questions to Ask if Your Website Isn't Ranking in Google (And What to do About it)–LeadG2

“Why is my website not ranking on Google?” As inbound marketers, we’re asked this question repeatedly, and it’s a valid concern because 75% of people don’t scroll past the first page on a Google search. You work hard to maintain an online presence you deserve to be seen! 

As you’ve noticed, ranking on the first page of Google is easier said than done. When your site doesn’t rank, it could be one, or possibly a few, things that aren’t functioning correctly. These problems often hurt the performance of the entire website. The good news is that once you diagnosis the problem, many of them are easy to fix. >>> READ MORE


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