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Weekly Roundup: Remote Work is Lonely, Overcome Team Burnout + More

Remote Work is lonely


"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light."

-Albus Dumbledore


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Remote Work is Lonely. Here's What Companies Can Do To Foster a CommunityOpenView

Some organizations have transitioned to hybrid models since the pandemic began, but many teams are still completely virtual.

A lot of people have adapted to the “new normal,” and many love the flexibility it affords. Others struggle with imperfect at-home working conditions and keeping themselves motivated and on task without the structure of a normal day or office environment.

One challenge that’s universal—especially for teams new to working remotely—is how hard it can be to form strong relationships with colleagues when you’re not inhabiting the same real-world space. The organic connections and conversations that happen around water coolers and lunchrooms aren’t as easy to come by when the only available modes of communication are email, Zoom and Slack. >>> READ MORE


The Rise of Remote Sellers: What It Means for the Future of Virtual SellingLinkedIn

Remote work was becoming more mainstream even before the virus was unleashed, but its adoption has accelerated across industries and job functions—including sales. 

Virtual selling helps keep employees and clients safe and healthy during this time, and while such a high-touch role would initially seem to not be a great fit for remote work, data shows that businesses are increasingly both engaging in virtual selling and hiring remote sales professionals. >>> READ MORE

How to Overcome Team Burnout with Better Sleep–CloserIQ

As working from home has become the norm for many, the line between being at work and off the clock is blurring. As a result, the threat of burnout looms large.

Historically, chronic stress – such as high work demands, lack of support at work and inability to mentally let go of work during off hours – has been the go-to culprit. However, recent research suggests that undersleeping has a more profound impact on burnout than stress.

To keep burnout at bay, prioritize your team’s well-being by focusing on their sleep. >>>READ MORE

Feedback At Netflix: 4 Powerful GuidelinesCorporate Rebels

Netflix is known for doing things differently: not just revolutionizing the entertainment business, but also by experimenting with radical management principles. The most eye-catching are its famous culture deck, the unlimited vacation policy, and the 5-word expense policy "Act in Netflix's best interest". Even more powerful than these 'exotic' practices is how they give and receive feedback. >>> READ MORE

Four Times An Inbound Lead Should Always Be Passed to Sales –LeadG2

The objective of every inbound marketing program is to generate leads and build a consistent sales pipeline. It would be ideal if every generated lead was highly qualified and highly motivated. That’s what the sales team is craving, right? If that was the case, then it would make sense that every lead should be handed off to the sales team right away. Unfortunately, the real world is not that straightforward.

While inbound marketing will generate qualified and motivated leads, it will also produce “not-ready-to-buy-yet” leads (Not Ready) and “not-sure-if-this-is-an-opportunity-or-not” leads (Not Sure).  So how should these leads be handled?  Should they be passed to sales too? >>>READ MORE


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