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Weekly Roundup: Leveraging Social Media, Continuing Human Connection + More

Leveraging Social Media, Continuing Human Connection


"Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is."

-Vince Lombardi


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5 Ways B2B Brands Can Leverage Social Media to Connect With Customers–PandaDoc

Most B2B brands have a presence on at least one social network. But far too many B2B companies don’t tap into the full power of social media. The reason? They may assume social media caters to B2C companies and are less of a priority for B2B.

According to recent statistics, an estimated 3.6 billion people use social media, with that number likely to grow to  4.4 billion by 2025. That means nearly half of the world’s population uses social media. By following five best practices, you can use social media to reach new audiences, tell their brand stories, and build relationships with prospects and customers. >>> READ MORE

Will We Go Back To Being Robots After COVID-19–Forbes

There have been some beautiful byproducts of the coronavirus upheaval and our subsequent efforts to live in these uncertain, perplexing times. In my world, life got a little less crowded. There are fewer people on the sidewalks of NYC. Outdoor restaurants line the streets, and tables under the sky have multiplied, taking up what used to be parking spaces. You can actually get a seat on the subway; sometimes you get a whole subway car to yourself.

When it comes to our professional lives, the best positive impact of the coronavirus is the way it has made business less robotic and more human. The varnish of wholesale conformity that was driven by the WFO (work from office) mindset has diminished. People let their hair down (literally and figuratively). We’re seeing colleagues and clients in their relaxed attire as we peer inside their homes. We’re seeing their taste in décor and art, meeting their kids and hearing their dogs barking. We pause our video call while they answer the door to sign for a package. People are being more ... human. >>>READ MORE

15 Stats That Prove the Power of Sales and Marketing AlignmentHubSpot

Businesses have a lot to learn from synchronized swimming teams. Each employee should be working towards a key organizational goal and doing their part to drive growth. If one team isn’t carrying their weight or is out of step with the rest of the company, you could be missing out on customers or an opportunity to grow.

This is especially true when it comes to sales and marketing. In an ideal world, sales and marketing processes would be built with the other team in mind. It’s all well and good to tout the virtues of smarketing in theory, but what about the hard data supporting synchronization? Here are some numbers that just might convince you of the value of Sales and Marketing alignment. >>>READ MORE

The Dreaded "I want to think about it" Sales ObjectionSales Buzz

It’s never fun to hear a prospect say “I need to think about it” when you go for a close. So it’s understandable that salespeople seek advice on how to respond to this sales objection.

A LinkedIn Sales Group had over 200 responses offering advice to someone that asked:

“What do I do when a prospect says, “I want to think about it”?”

Over 99% of the responses are the same old flawed sales tactics that cause prospects to become defensive while evaporating the trust and rapport a salesperson needs to have for long-term success. >>> READ MORE


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