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Weekly Roundup: Terrible Advice, A Day In The Life Of A Successful Salesperson + More

Terrible Advice, A Day In The Life Of A Successful Salesperson


"The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers."

- Ralph Nader


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'Be Humble,' and 5 Other Pieces of Terrible AdviceOpenView

There’s no shortage of terrific tips and inspirational advice out there for every situation imaginable.
But what about the bad stuff—specifically, bad career advice?
We’re talking about those nuggets of “wisdom” that sounded smart at the time but wound up being really dumb. It’s one of our favorite ice-breaker questions since the answer often reveals a lot about the person, with a bonus what not to do. So we asked leaders in the OpenView network to tell us the worst advice they’ve ever gotten, and here’s what they said. >>> READ MORE

A Day In The Life Of A Successful Salesperson Salesmate

A salesperson juggles a plethora of tasks in a day; whether It’s extensive paperwork, multiple meetings, or following up with prospects, they have to manage it all.
Even for an experienced salesperson, handling so many tasks can get tiring. The fact was revealed that it takes about 10 months or more for a new sales rep to become fully productive. So, if you are a sales rep, how do you stay on top of your tasks and crush your sales quotas at the same time? >>> READ MORE

5 Underrated Ways to Develop Relationships with Applicants During the Hiring Process Glassdoor

A potential job offer should be enough to keep a candidate interested in your hiring process, shouldn't it?

Not today. In a strong economy where the U.S. added 850,000 jobs, it's a job seeker's market. Candidates often have multiple options when pursuing a new role, and the way your company handles its relationships with candidates directly affects whether or not they will continue with the hiring process. 

If you want your company to stand out and maintain the interest of the most in-demand candidates, you'll need to invest time and attention in personalizing the candidate experience and building strong relationships. 

Here are five ways to develop relationships with applicants that increase the odds they'll stick with you through the end of the hiring process. >>> READ MORE

Employee Engagement Is Not About Job Satisfaction or HappinessUp Your Culture

When a company consistently hires and invests in people who have the innate talent for excellence in a specific job role, both the individual and the company grow.

We’ve paid very close attention to the highly talented people who have not worked out in their jobs, often probing to learn more. We wanted to know what kept them from fully activating their talents and reaching their potential.

In almost every case, it was a clear lack of engagement. >>>READ MORE

What is Sales Enablement? | Sell Smarter. Sell Faster. LeadG2

Continual learning is essential if you want to grow and prosper in the business world.

Last week, we launched our Sell Smarter. Sell Faster. weekly livecast focused on sales growth. Hosted by Dani Buckley, VP/GM at LeadG2, viewers can expect fresh insights, strategies, and real-world examples that will help business leaders take their sales performance to the next level.

Our first episode launched a conversation on 'What is Sales Enablement' where we dug into the basics of and introduction to sales enablement, along with an explanation of the four buckets of sales enablement.

Joined by Dean Moothart, Director of Client Solutions at LeadG2, he shared real-life examples of how sales enablement directly supports his successful and proven sales process. >>>READ MORE

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