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Why Great B2B Salespeople Think like a Pregnant Mosquito

mosquitoOnly pregnant mosquitos bite people. They bite to suck the blood, which feeds their eggs. The female mosquito needs the additional nutrition found in blood because it provides the protein and iron necessary for her eggs to develop. 

As a salesperson, you need to keep the mindset of a pregnant mosquito. The “blood” you need is new customers with needs. Many b2b salespeople move into this mindset only when they need to—when they lose a big account or get behind budget. If you want to be the best, this month, next month, and every month, stay on the hunt for new blood customers—not occasionally, but all the time. You always need fresh blood.

When you find an important business need and the prospect gives you a key assignment to work on, that’s your fresh blood. You take that blood and feed, not your eggs, but your need to serve, to serve up great tailored solutions. The more needs you find, the more solutions you’ll propose, and the less you’ll find yourself behind budget.

I don’t know how picky pregnant mosquitoes are, but as a salesperson you should be plenty picky. By selecting only the sweetest most ideal prospects, you set yourself up for extraordinary success. If you want a tool to help you make these decisions, download our Ideal Customer Profile. 

May you be as hungry as a pregnant mosquito!

Read more about how to hone your skills as a salesperson (mosquito or not!) with our ebook: Howie Gets His Dream Job.

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