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Don't Delete Me! The Sales Email Subject Line


If you depend on email to grab a prospect’s attention and nail down that elusive first appointment, you should spend as much time honing the subject line of that email as you spend fine-tuning the entire body of the message.

Your competition is doing exactly that. If you do a Google search on "email subject line research" you'll find that myriad studies and tests are being done each year. And make no mistake: The big-time emailers out there may not be trying to make an appointment to sit down with your prospect, but in the email Inbox, they’re your competition. 

Some marketing gurus tell us that writing a good subject line is like—and as important as—writing a newspaper headline. Fact is, the email environment is much tougher, much bloodier. When your prospect sits down with the daily paper, he has usually committed himself to 20 minutes or more of reading, perhaps with a cup of Joe or a glass of wine readily at hand. Not so when he’s reviewing the latest avalanche of messages to arrive in his Inbox! On email, he’s in constant triage mode, ready to hit the delete button, allowing himself only 2.7 seconds to determine if there’s a good reason he shouldn’t. 

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Top 10 Ways a Content Calendar will Improve Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Top_10_Ways_a_Content_Calendar_will_Improve_Your_Inbound_Marketing_Strategy_If there’s one thing every inbound marketer should do in 2014 to ensure they’re set up for success, it’s incorporating a content calendar into their inbound marketing strategy. And for those who currently use one, I suggest you take it one step further and make sure you’re taking full advantage of this beneficial planning and tracking tool. 

A content calendar is your key to making sure you are consistently publishing strategic, unforgettable, and share-worthy content.

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Five Steps to Convert Your Inbound Marketing Leads into Customers

Youve_Got_Leads_Now_What_The_5_Steps_to_Convert_Your_Inbound_Leads_into_Customers-1Most inbound marketers think the hardest part about their lead generation plan is actually getting the leads to come in, and while this is no easy task, it’s equally important to strategize and prepare for the process of following up with your inbound leads. With these five steps you’ll be able to more effectively determine whether leads are worthy of sending to sales and ultimately increase your likelihood of converting leads into new customers.

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Five Undeniable Truths of Implementing a Lead Generation Strategy

inbound marketingAfter wrapping up four days in Boston at the INBOUND conference, our team left filled with tips and tricks, insights and inspiration – all aimed to make us better inbound marketers and even better teachers of the strategies that so many companies are utilizing to connect online with their customers, best prospects, and biggest fans. Plus, you can check out a great recap on all the keynotes here

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Top Five Inbound Posts of 2013 to Improve Your Lead Generation

describe the imageInbound marketing is your ticket to not only being part of the dialogue but having the ability to start conversations with your top prospects and your best clients. This is done by publishing online content through your website and blog, and providing ways for visitors to qualify themselves. Creating content and generating leads are at the core of a successful inbound marketing program and we help businesses every day develop and execute successful inbound strategies. However, you too can start implementing a plan that will help you get found online, fill your lead funnel, and find new customers. 

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Improve Your Inbound Marketing with Three Lead Generation Tips

Inbound MarketingYou’ve been working hard at your inbound marketing program… consistently writing interesting and informative blog posts, optimizing with keywords, promoting through your social media pages, and driving new traffic to your website. But the leads aren’t rolling in like you hoped they would and you just can’t figure out why. What could be the problem?  

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Inbound Marketing Strategy: Three Easy Ways to Optimize Your Blog with Keywords

Inbound Marketing StrategyThe primary focus of your inbound marketing strategy should be to get your business found by new visitors, and then convert them into qualified sales-ready leads. One of the primary places to do this is on a company blog. There are many other additional benefits such as developing thought leadership and providing value to current clients, but at the end of the day it’s lead generation that makes inbound marketing such an irresistible and powerful tool.  

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