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6 Hiring Scenario Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

avoid hiring the wrong personThere is nothing more impactful than adding the right seller to your team. Conversely, nothing is more impactful than adding the wrong seller to your team!

Here’s a list of six scenarios managers find themselves in when hiring sellers that lead to hiring the wrong person, plus things managers can do to avoid them.

6 Scenarios That Lead to Hiring the Wrong Person

1. Faster is not always better.

Managers know that an open sales position costs money. This is true; however, rushing the process to “slam” someone into an open desk is usually the first chapter of a sad story. Be sure to take time to evaluate talent, experience, and fit.

2. The "easy hire" is not always the best hire.

It is a rare occasion that a superstar seller — who has the right mix of talent and experience —
knocks on your door, looking for a job. Recruiting and hiring take time and energy. The best managers dedicate time each week to these activities.

How to Avoid Hiring Out of Desperation

3. Hiring a seller because they promise to bring customers (and billing) with them.

This promise rarely comes true. Don’t be fooled and buy into this line of BS. I realize there are exceptions to this rule, but they truly are exceptions.

4. “I know this candidate is not the best, but …”

As a manager, if you find yourself saying this at any time during the hiring process, you should not hire this candidate.

5. The “closing time” hire (otherwise known as the “I’m desperate" hire).

Desperate managers do desperate things. Desperation is not a great reason to make a hiring decision, and it should not replace a solid recruitment and selection process.

6. Combining recruitment and selection.

Finding talent (recruitment) and hiring talent (selection) are two very different activities. When managers combine these equally important events, they tend to cut corners — this usually leads to hiring the wrong seller (wrong for any of these reasons: talents, experience, and/or fit).

The Best New Hire Gift: Clear Expectations + Realistic Goals

A Better Way: How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Person

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here are some things superstar managers do on a regular basis to avoid the scenarios listed above:

Always be recruiting.

Managers rarely find the best candidates when they need to hire. This is why ongoing (proactive) recruiting is essential.

Build a talent bank.

When you encounter someone with talent, create a talent bank (make a deposit for a future withdrawal when an open position occurs). Be sure to let the candidate know your process (always looking, building a talent bank… eventually hiring).

Here are a few ideas to help you build your talent bank:

  • Add recruitment information to your email signature. Everyone that receives an email from you will take notice that you are actively searching for the right people to join your team. If you are a CSS client that utilizes our talent services, including your OSTI link will allow potential candidates to start the process immediately. You may spark interest in people you weren’t expecting.

  • Get creative with LinkedIn! Have you set a monthly goal to increase the number of your connections? The more people you are connected with on LinkedIn, the more fish in the pond to catch. A Glassdoor article shows that 79% of people use social media to look for jobs - that’s a lot of potential fish!

How do you let your others know you are actively searching for the best people using LinkedIn? Let them know you are hiring! Consider adding text beside your name in your LinkedIn profile - like “I’m hiring,” as shown below.

Atlanta, Georgia – 500+ connections

  • Evaluate talent. Be sure to spend some time evaluating the talent of candidates in your talent bank. It is best to use a statistically reliable talent assessment.

Be sure to interview for fit during the process. The best candidates fit you, your company, the account list, and the team!

Talent is only a strength when the fit is right.

*Editor's Note: This blog has been updated since its original post date.

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