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Michael Mayer

Michael Mayer

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Are You Hearing Objections or Objectives?

Are You Hearing Objections or Objectives

In sales, you need to understand the difference between an objection and an objective. Here are the four most common customer objections that a salesperson will encounter.

  • Price
  • Need
  • Trust
  • Time

If a salesperson is being bombarded by these four questions throughout their initial meeting, then they most likely have more work to do.

Simply put, the salesperson needs to spend more time preparing for the meeting, researching the client, and developing insightful questions to build trust and confidence with the buyer. Objections are easy to overcome if you've done your homework prior to your customer needs analysis meeting.

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What Does It Mean To Be An Inspiring Leader

What Does It Mean To Galvanize As A Leader (1)

An inspirational leader is someone who can motivate their team members. They can get things done by making others feel like part of the team. They can rally the team and keep them motivated and focused on the goal. They are not afraid to take charge and lead their team.

Here are some key characteristics of an inspiring leader.

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Was the Prospect Unqualified? Or Was the Salesperson Unqualified?

Was the Prospect Unqualified Or Was the Salesperson Unqualified

In the world of sales, a prospect being unqualified or a salesperson being unqualified can be uniquely connected. Whether you're a veteran salesperson or new to the field of sales, we often miss the signs of why we were unable to connect and close a potential client.

This article breaks down five key steps to recognize an unqualified prospect and an unqualified salesperson.

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Adapting to a Buyer-First Mentality

Adapting to a Buyer-First Mentality

Buyer-first mentality is simply defined as it’s a buyer’s world, and sellers are just living in it.

In the past, traditional sellers could easily come in and build a case because they were a superstar, had great product knowledge, and were able to support the buyer’s organization. In essence, they were selling what they could accomplish for the client without ever knowing anything about them.

Technically, those days are over now. Buyers expect you to know more about what their company is all about, what they do, and potentially what they’re trying to accomplish.

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