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Susan McCullin

Susan McCullin

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Timely Questions That Will Improve Closing Ratios

Timely Questions That Will Improve Closing Ratios

The higher the close ratio of your sales team, the more sales you are making.

It can benefit your team and your company if you know what your close ratio is and how to increase it. Knowing where you stand and what your obstacles are is helpful when it comes to having a goal in mind.

Below are some questions that could help your team members (and you as manager) on the road to higher sales.

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4 Reasons for Restructuring Your Sales Team

Reasons for Restructuring Your Sales Team

A new sales structure can help improve productivity. 

Sometimes it becomes necessary to go back to the drawing board. Remind yourself what your original goals were for your team.

  • What objectives did you have that still have not been accomplished or that are no longer being accomplished the way they used to be?
  • How can you fix problems and begin reaping the rewards you once had?
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What's Stopping Us From Growing?

Whats Stopping Us From Growing

Every organization wants to grow on some level – whether it’s more clients/customers, higher revenue, more locations, more product lines, etc.

There’s no one way to grow a business, but there are plenty of reasons it stops growing or slows down.

Here are some of the reasons companies stop growing.

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Finding the Right Mentor

Steps to Finding the Right Mentor

We're used to hearing “it takes a village” when we're talking about family, but what if that “village” theory is true in business as well.

Well, it sure helps!

Finding the right mentor can help you navigate your career and give you a village of knowledge instead of going at it on your own.

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How to Build a High Performing Sales Team

How to Build a High Performing Sales Team

It's more important than ever to engage with your sales team. Sales teams that are not engaged are much more likely to underperform, experience low budget attainment, and unwanted turnover.

Data shows that less than 30% of today's workforce is truly engaged. This is especially true for end-of-the-quarter and end of the year! According to HubSpot, if a seller is disengaged and underperforming, it costs 150% of their salary to replace them.

Here are a few causes of a low performing sales team and how sales leaders can help.

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What to do When Your Best Sales Reps Haven’t Hit Their Numbers

What to do When Your Best Sales Reps Haven’t Hit Their Numbers

About half of all sales reps don’t achieve their yearly quotas.

Reasons for not hitting quota vary from not having enough opportunities in the sales pipeline to not following a sales process. Additionally, sales quotas have risen, yet the percentage of reps making their quota has fallen.

If your salespeople aren't hitting quota, here are a few questions to ask yourself. Remember, a quota is only valid if it's aligned to your organization and employee success.

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Why You Should Have a Talent-Based Sales Organization

Why You Should Have a Talent-Based Sales Organization

To thrive, an organization needs to be able to attract, hire, and retain top talent.

Top talent are the people that are going to take the team to the next level. They’re the ones who instinctually want to be the best and are the best. They serve clients in a way that no other can. They uncover client needs, close and grow your key accounts, and solve problems in a way you wish everyone could.

In fact, superior talent is up to 8xs more productive than typical talent!

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