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Help Me Santa! 10 Things I Want to Improve My Sales Performance!

10 Things Every Salesperson Wishes Santa Would BringA train set, a doll that cries, a shiny red wagon… a stocking filled with chocolate and candy canes. If only the adults in our lives were as easy to please during the holidays as a five year old who is eager to see what surprises await. We might not want the things we longed for as children—and some of us might be partial to high-tech gadgets, or apps and software that make our jobs easier—but we think you might also appreciate a few things that will make 2013 your most successful year ever. 

Here is our list of 10 things every salesperson wishes Santa would bring, along with some ideas on how you can make these things happen on your own—just in case the big man with the sleigh and flying reindeer fails to fill your stocking with holiday sales cheer.  

  1. Quality leads. What salesperson wouldn’t like an endless supply of quality leads that haven’t been called to death by everyone in the organization? Prospecting and cold calling are hard work. We know that.  And, one of the best ways to generate quality sales leads is to use inbound marketing. (OUR GIFT TO YOU:  30 Days to Inbound Marketing Success

  2. Open doors. Your life as a salesperson would be a lot easier if everyone you called was eager to talk to you. It’s hard work to get in the door these days, unless you have taken the time to engage in some activities that help you stand out. (OUR GIFT TO YOU: Don't Give Up, a detailed “plan of approach” to help you stand out and secure the appointment.)

  3. A flawless needs analysis. Do you ever wish you didn’t have to work so hard to get your clients and prospects to open up? Make your needs analysis calls stronger in 2013! Learn the types of questions you should ask in each of the five phases of the needs analysis to ensure your calls go smoothly. (OUR GIFT TO YOU:  Hourglass Needs Analysis )

  4. Self-closing proposals. Proposals seem to magically close themselves when you follow our seven step sales process. When you have taken the time to carefully select your prospects, plan your approach, uncover needs and deliver targeted solutions, you wind up with a plan that the prospect is eager to move forward with. (OUR GIFT TO YOU: Learn more about our seven step process

  5. Strong client relationships. Strong client relationships go beyond donuts and tickets and lunches. Client relationships are stronger when you are responsive, when you really listen and take time to understand their needs, and when you deliver specific value. (OUR GIFT TO YOU: The Retention Checklist guides you through the critical areas you need to address to make the solution buyable and valuable—ensuring future opportunities with the client.)

  6. Lots of renewals. Life would be a lot easier if you weren’t losing customers. The Retention Checklist (above) can help you identify ways to continue delivering solutions your clients want. To develop a powerful business relationship–one you can do something with–you must be seen as a trusted and valued resource. (OUR GIFT TO YOU: Learn what it takes for your contacts to view you as a trusted and valued resource.) 

  7. Lots of referrals. Sometimes you need a little help opening doors. That’s where a great referral comes in. We’ve written a lot this year about the power of referrals and case studies, how to capture testimonials and how to ask for sales testimonials. (OUR GIFT TO YOU: Harness the power of LinkedIn and make more connections in the coming year!)

  8. Expert training resources. It’s awesome when you have a go-to resource for expert advice and information. If you like what you have read on our blog, we hope you’ll consider us as a training partner. Our website contains a partial list of our sales and coaching training resources. If you’re still “checking us out” and trying to decide what you think, make sure you’re receiving our blog via email. (OUR GIFT TO YOU: Check out our free podcasts on the topics of: digital marketing, inbound marketing, lead generation, sales, sales management, sales training and social media.)

  9. An assistant to handle the “busy work” part of the job. At The Center for Sales Strategy, we talk a lot about talent and matching people to the positions they are best suited for. In a perfect world, salespeople would spend the bulk of their time doing what they do best—spending face time with customers and prospects uncovering needs and providing solutions—and a support team would handle things like setting sales appointments. (OUR GIFT TO YOU: We can’t make your organization change the structure of your department, but maybe you could direct the leaders to a few of our articles on Talent.)

  10. An awesome boss. We hope you work for someone who cares about you as a person and is willing to invest time in your professional growth. The number one reason salespeople leave an organization is because they feel their manager doesn’t care about them. (OUR GIFT TO YOU: A manager who has strong relationships with their sellers will find it’s easier to manage when times are challenging. Tuck this guide to developing powerful relationships under your manager’s tree… and if you have a great manager, thank them for their support!)


Enjoy your gifts!

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Everyone at The Center for Sales Strategy wishes you a happy holiday season. We hope Santa brings everything you wish for!

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