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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Sales Team: Invest In Your People (VIDEO)


This is the fourth post in a series, "How to Get the Most Out of Your Sales Team." Check out other posts in this series - linked at the bottom of this blog post.

I'm back again with the "How to Get the Most Out of Your Sales Team" series, and this week, I'm talking about investing in your people

I realize that's not an "Exciting! Rah-Rah! Go Team!" sales contest-type of way, but it's important. When people know that you believe in them, support them, and that you're investing in them, they're going to be motivated to help you succeed. 

So, how do you invest in your people in a way that gets them excited and motivated? Here are three examples you can start today.

3 Ways To Invest in Your Salespeople 

1. Make Sales Training Part of Every Sales Meeting

You should carve out 15-30 minutes every week to talk about sales training.

If you're a CSS client, you know about the Sales Meeting Kits that are designed perfectly for that. 

If you're not a CSS client, you still need to include sales training during your meetings. I would recommend taking various aspects of the sales process and do training on it. Maybe help your salespeople identify better prospects, connect to prospects, get first time appointments, do a needs analysis or give presentations. All of these topics are great to include during sales training in your sales meetings.

2. Spend an Entire Day with Each Salesperson on a Regular Basis

We call these infield days, and it's where you go on every single call in an entire day, ride in the same car, go to lunch together, and most importantly, you provide feedback to your salespeople. You give them the good and the bad. Great salespeople want to know how they're doing, and they crave that kind of feedback. Not only will it help them feel better about what they're doing well, but it will give them tips about how to do some things better next time.

3. Look For Ways to Reward Your Salespeople by Investing in Them

Think about possibly sending them to a sales conference or investing in some additional sales training. Or, possibly looking into a new sales enablement tool that will help them get better at prospecting or connecting with a prospect or a target account.

These three ways are great ways to invest in your salespeople so they feel loved and supported, and ultimately be motivated to hit their goals, hit the revenue numbers and be a success. Think about ways you can invest in your salespeople today!

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