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Weekly Roundup: Bad Sales Habits + More


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9 Bad Sales Habits Every Rep Should Avoid — CloserIQ

2021 Media Sales Report - download nowSucceeding in sales is all about developing the right habits. But not all habits are sales-generating.

The industry has changed a lot in recent decades, moving towards a consultative approach. Now, some once-hallowed practices will actively hinder your ability to connect with prospective customers and close deals.

If you’re still doing these things, you’re not offering real value to your customers.

Trust and the Rise of the Transparent Seller — Sales & Marketing Management

Today, the world of sales is once again shifting under our feet. Many in the sales world are worried about how technology’s rapid advancement towards AI (Artificial Intelligence) will harm the sales profession. One 2015 Forrester article predicted that 95% of B2B sales jobs will be replaced by AI by 2020.

While that prediction clearly missed the mark, there is pressure on the profession. How can sellers understand technology advancements, adjust, and actually have buyers looking forward to their interactions with sales professionals, where they will no longer be just a necessary evil, but the key element in an easy, successful, confident decision making process? >>> READ MORE 

The Ultimate Guide to Setting & Hitting Sales Goals — Hubspot

What’s one thing virtually every business does — no matter their industry, target customer, or product or service? They set goals.

These goals may be company-wide or department-specific. Regardless, without them, it’d be difficult for employees to understand their purpose and why they’re doing the work that’s expected of them. Goals ensure employees are driven, on-task, and producing work that impacts the business’s bottom line. They also ensure your business is constantly striving to grow, improve, and most importantly: boost revenue. >>> READ MORE

The Steps to Building an Effective Content Strategy That Will Get Sales Results — LeadG2 

We believe that every great inbound marketing or sales enablement plan includes a well thought out content strategy, which is why this is one of the first, and most critical, steps we take with a new client. It’s so we can ensure we aren’t creating content just for the sake of creating content, but that we have the end sales results in mind. Below is a sneak peek into the steps that our consulting team and content strategist take when developing a robust content strategy. >>> READ MORE


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