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Weekly Roundup: Marketing Hacks to Make You a Sales Management Guru + More







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Marketing Hacks to Make You a Sales Management Guru — Sales & Marketing Management

Sales managers are a rare breed. The job is challenging. The most successful sales managers demonstrate a knack for hacking other disciplines. Successful sales managers combine the skills of economists, data analysts, psychologists, sociologists and entrepreneurs.

They also benefit from hijacking a few best practices from marketers. Here are some thought-starters for hacking your counterparts in marketing.

Equality in the Workplace: A Fresh Approach to Sales Performance — Sales Hacker

All sales organizations look for an edge. It’s a constant battle. More refined sales strategies and tactics. Improved incentives. Better training. Team building retreats.

That’s all good. And it produces results. Otherwise, companies wouldn’t continue to invest in those approaches. But sometimes you just have to take a step back. Or maybe two. To see the big picture. >>> READ MORE 

How to Turn Sales Objections into Opportunities — Selling Power

We’ve all had experiences where we feel a sale is going pretty well, and we feel the momentum gaining. Then, out of the blue, brake lights. Everything comes to a screeching halt. A prospect will suddenly tell you that your price is too high, or that they don’t have the budget, or that they aren’t sure your product or solution really has value.

The job of the sales professional is to take those sales objections and turn them into opportunities. Sometimes, the best outcomes stem from situations where you have to overcome the greatest obstacles. >>> READ MORE

Keep Leads from Falling Through the Cracks [VIDEO] — LeadG2 

How you ever tried to fill a leaky bucket? A bucket with holes in it? It can be a very frustrating experience. A lot of times, marketers have this same experience when they are trying to keep their sales pipeline filled with new leads. There's a lot of pressure on marketers to generate new leads and to keep new leads in the top of the funnel to generate more sales activity. >>> READ MORE


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