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Weekly Roundup: Resources for Working From Home

Resources for Working From Home-1


"Every strike brings me closer to a home run."

-Babe Ruth


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How to Be Successful at Remote Sales, According to HubSpot's Remote Salesforce–HubSpot

The sudden transition to working remotely has many minds worried about not being productive, feeling isolated, and not having a good space to work from. And if you work in sales, it can be even harder to acclimate to your new surroundings.

However, the transition doesn't have to be difficult. Gathered here are the top tips from HubSpot's remote salesforce. Plus, reviews of the best practices for managing a group of remote sales employees.>>> READ MORE

How to Build Trust on a Remote Team–Zapier

Whenever folks transition to remote work, they often ask about accountability. How do remote managers know their people are working? And how can remote employees show their bosses that they're getting stuff done?

The uncertainty here can lead to two common problems: managers end up micromanaging, and employees end up overworking to prove themselves. But both of those situations are very much avoidable. The solution is, simply, trust. If you can foster a culture of trust, your remote team will thrive. Here are some tips from me and a few of my friends in remote work on how to build trust in a remote team.>>> READ MORE

How to Set Up and Thrive with Remote Work–Sales Hacker

In the office, it’s easy to feel connected to your team. If you have a question or comment, you can walk to someone’s desk and ask.

Working remotely, you can’t walk to someone’s desk, but you can just as easily connect with someone or start a water cooler chat. More than likely, you’ve already got the technology. Here’s how to tap it to keep those communication lines open.>>> READ MORE

Remaining Connected When "In-Person" Is Not an Option –LinkedIn

We’re all trying to figure out how to maneuver through unprecedented change by understanding how to navigate work and the coronavirus. Although many of you might be spending less time (or no time) in an office and it might be harder (or not possible at all) to get face-time with customers, we know that business continues. 

Whether it’s coronavirus or uncertainty of the economic environment, right now it’s not easy and there are a lot of questions. In connecting with you and other people in sales, we’ve heard some common questions centered on how to stay. We don’t have all the answers, but we are here to share resources and tips that can help.>>> READ MORE


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