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Kurt Sima

Kurt Sima

Recent Posts by Kurt Sima:

6 Things to Consider When Selecting a Nonprofit Event Sponsor Prospect


Nonprofit Development Officers are busy people who are often pulled in many different directions. How they spend their time is very important and is linked to the decisions they make.

Making a not-so-good decision leads to wasting time. Making great decisions leads to revenue development and a great ROI on task-to-time spent on a project.

Topics: Sales marketing strategies for nonprofits

Close More Deals Using a No-surprise Proposal


Surprises can be fun when they are part of a birthday; not-so-much when involved in selling and closing a B2B deal. Salespeople should do their due diligence—via ongoing contracting and clarification—to minimize surprises in the sales process, especially during proposal development and presentation.

Too often proposals are met with the response, “Let me think about it," because the buyer is hearing many of the proposal elements for the first time during the proposal presentation. Ouch… these five words can really derail a sale! Salespeople can eliminate these words from the sales process and improve their closing ratio by using a no-surprise proposal technique that clarifies these 5 things before they build and present a proposal:

Topics: Proposal Sales

5 Questions to Ask During a Revenue Development Position Interview


Most sales managers focus on three things when hiring a salesperson:

  • Experience (resume)
  • Gut feel (do they click with the candidate?)
  • Personality (are they outgoing?) 

Unfortunately, most overlook the missing ingredient—talent! Simply put, too many salespeople are hired without an evaluation of talent. This is one of the reasons that organizations experience high turnover levels and have trouble keeping people on the sales team.

Topics: Talent salespeople

Making the Most of a First Meeting with a New Business Prospect


Getting that first appointment with a new business prospect is rarely an easy task. In fact, there is usually a direct correlation between how long it takes to get an appointment and the spending potential of a prospect. Simply put, quality prospects take more time! 

Because so many hours are spent persuading a prospect to meet, it makes sense to get the most out of the meeting. World-class salespeople use the first appointment to uncover business challenges that lead to cash, instead of wasting the opportunity pitching, pitching, pitching. 

After getting comfortable and socializing a bit with the prospect during the opening minutes of the call, try the following steps to get the most out of the opportunity:

Topics: Needs Analysis Sales

Sales Performance: Winning Teams Have Winning Coaches


I work with a lot of sales teams and business development teams. Some perform well. Some perform not-so-well.

Topics: Talent Sales coaching

Five Things the Best Managers Do When Hiring

People decisions are the most important decisions that a manager makes, and the importance of hiring talented people is critical to the success of any organization. As a manager, it's easy to ensure you are hiring talented people by following these five steps:

Topics: hiring salespeople sales management Talent Sales

Breaking the Ice with a New Business Prospect


The best B2B salespeople know the shortest path to a new business prospect's wallet is through a thorough understanding of needs, problems, challenges and opportunities. Wouldn't it be nice if a new business prospect would simply email this information to the salesperson — this would eliminate the need to set an appointment and conduct a needs analysis. That would be a great sales strategy!

Topics: sales strategy Sales

Think Spring! A Sales Strategy to Nurture Leads


Lead nurturing is a bit like gardening. Most often leads or new business prospects are not ready to buy immediately. If you take the time to nurture the leads you generate now, they will bloom like daffodils in the spring.

Topics: Setting Appointments new business development lead generation Sales

5 Things More Important to a Sales Organization Than Policies & Rules


 If your sales organization is struggling, your most significant constraint might be the policies you create and enforce. Too many sales leaders spend the majority of their time creating policies/rules and playing the role of referee resolving policy disputes.


Here are 5 things more important to a sales organization than policies and rules:


Topics: Management Sales

5 Signs It's Time to Tweak Your Revenue Development Process

revenue-modelSales managers are faced with quantum leap growth demands—too bad their sales organizations and sales processes are structured to deliver incremental growth. Managers are like Scotty on Star Trek, often saying, “We can’t take much more of this, Captain!” If you feel like Scotty, and you’re giving it all you have, and you can’t take much more because you’re always coming up short... you might be ready to tweak your sales process. 

Here’s a list of five signs you might be ready to boldly go where most sales managers are afraid to go... into the world of sales process engineering:

1. Talent

You’ve moved out the dead wood and upgraded the talent on your team. Now it’s time to tap into your talent and allow your sellers to do what they do best: sell

Topics: Management Sales