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Yikes! Your Sales Strategy Includes Surprising Your Prospect?

A surefire way to increase your closing ratio!Will the moment of truth be looming in the next meeting with your prospect—the meeting at which you look her in the eye, fingers crossed, and go for the close? 

Or, will this be the meeting where all you have to do is confirm the details to implement your solution—because your prospect already has a pretty good idea of what you’re bringing to the table?

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Five Posts on Hiring and Managing Talent You Might Have Missed

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Five Posts on Inbound Marketing You Might Have Missed

inbound marketingIt's been a big week for inbound marketing, with the HubSpot INBOUND13 conference taking place in Boston and a variety of new product announcements made that affect thousands of marketers. However, with all this buzz about inbound marketing you might still be wondering what exactly it is and whether or not it can truly help you reach your revenue goals.

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Five Posts on Needs Analysis You Might Have Missed

Needs AnalysisLearning how to dig deeper and gain a better understanding of each of your client and prospect's needs is a very popular topic on our blog. We've taken a look at some of our popular articles that will help you to conduct an effective needs analysis meeting so you can focus on developing customized solutions for your clients.  

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A B2B Sales Strategy to Help You Ask for More Money

sales strategyYou just had what seems like a great meeting with a b2b sales prospect. You're excited because early on in the conversation you came across a need that was clearly actionable by you and your company. Cool.

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What People Are Reading This Week To Help Sales Performance

sales strategyHere at The Center for Sales Strategy we know how busy life can get. We know you can't read every single interesting b2b sales article you come across online, so we like to help our readers out every now and then by pulling together some of our most popular blog posts — just in case you missed them!

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Top Five B2B Sales Resources of 2013

Top Five!

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What Makes You Valuable in B2B Sales?

Why Would Someone Want To See You Some say that salespeople are a dime a dozen. Basically, they have very little value.  On the contrary! In b2b sales, great salespeople can literally be worth millions of dollars to their clients’ business.

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Increase Your B2B Sales with These Five Sales Blog Posts

describe the image

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A Tough Question Every B2B Salesperson Should Ask Themselves

a tough question every salesperson should ask themselvesHow’s your “Surprise/Enterprise” ratio these days? When you get right down to it, there are only two types of new business you can write as a b2b salesperson:
  1. Surprise Business! – This is new business that comes your way because of your company’s great reputation, your connections in the community, or simply “being in the right place at the right time.”
  2. Enterprise Business! – This is new business that you developed from scratch, business that would not have existed anywhere but for your efforts. These are prospects you specifically selected and then worked hard to get in front of. Once in front of these prospects, you nailed an important assignment during your needs analysis meeting, which led to the development of a tailored solution.

We all work hard and deserve a few surprises over the year, but if we don't have some enterprise accomplishments too, are we really selling?

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