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Trey Morris

Trey Morris

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5 Crazy Ways to Recruit

5 Crazy Ways to Recruit

Are you tired of traditional recruiting methods that don't seem to work for finding top-performing salespeople?

It's time to shake things up and think outside of the box. With Millennials and Gen Z not as interested in traditional sales roles, relying on hiring retreads from your competition is no longer a viable option.

It's time to get a little crazy in your search for your next sales superstar. 

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Is Underperformance a Reflection of Leadership?

Is Underperformance a Reflection of Leadership

I have some news for you, both good and bad.

The good news is that your team's success depends entirely on your salespeople. Now, for the bad news... your success also hinges on the salespeople on your team.

In other words, your sales team's ability to close deals and meet targets determines whether you win or lose.

It may sound daunting, but it doesn't have to be. You have control over your destiny. You get to choose who joins your sales team and how they perform based on your hiring and leadership.

So, when your team is underperforming, resist the temptation to point fingers and blame external factors like the market, economy, product, or the team itself. The truth is, it reflects on your leadership. This is your team, your salespeople, and it's up to you to address the issues.

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3 Reasons Sales Coaching is a Game Changer

3 Reasons Sales Coaching is a Game Changer

A great coach can impact the outcome of a game more than any player. This is why we revere great coaches like Belichek, Walsh, and Landry. Their greatness stems from their ability to transfer knowledge beyond themselves by inspiring their players to become more than the sum of their parts! 

As the sales leader in your organization, you are the coach of a high-performance sports team. Your job is not writing up plays, sitting back in the coach's box, and watching the game. Your job is to be on the field observing and helping your players be the best that they can be. Coaching is the cornerstone to achieving this.

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Shut Up and Listen! 3 Reasons Why Salespeople Should Talk Less to Sell More

3 Reasons Why Salespeople Should Talk Less to Sell More

New business meetings are exciting. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of closing deals, showcasing your product, and convincing prospects that you have the perfect solution. 

You want to start selling, pitching your product, and showing off your brilliant product knowledge. DON'T DO IT!

Just shut up and let your prospect talk.  

The secret to successful sales is not just about talking but also about mastering the art of listening.

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5 Ways AI Will Help Sell More

5 Ways AI Will Help Sell More

Whether you think the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Wall-E or The Terminator, the reality is that AI is going to change the way that you sell.

According to Crunchbase, there are nearly 10,000 AI startups. 10,000 new AI companies in the last year are a staggering number of people focused on how AI can help your life, business, and organization. AI's impact will be a cultural shift similar to, if not greater than, the world wide web in the 90s. The rapid advancements in AI technology have changed how we approach selling, enabling us to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. 

So, the question is how can you leverage the latest advancements of AI to help you achieve your budget, increase new business development, and help your sales team be more efficient and effective.

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The Blueprint for Success: Creating a Sales Leader Success Plan

The Blueprint for Success


Are you tired of watching sales managers struggle and then resorting to a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) only to see little to no improvement? 

It's time to break that cycle and set your sales leaders up for success with a Sales Leader Success Plan.

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5 Proven Strategies for Boosting Your Team's Sales and Unlocking Their Full Potential

5 Proven Strategies for Boosting Your Teams Sales and Unlocking Their Full Potential

As a sales manager, you play a crucial role in driving results and maximizing the potential of your team. But managing a team is no easy task - it requires a balance of setting clear goals, providing ongoing training and support, and effectively communicating with your team.

If you're looking to up your game and take your team to the next level, here are five proven strategies to help you succeed.

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6 Winning Sales Steps

6 Winning Sales Steps

I'm a planner. Whether it's a project, a vacation, or my daily routine, I LOVE putting together plans that will help me execute the operation perfectly.

As a family, we love going to Disney World. We visit the most magical place on Earth about once a year, and every time, I spend hours researching where we will stay, what parks to visit on which day, and which fabulous restaurants to dine at. I create spreadsheets, calendars, and even touring plans for our day at each park.

I'm also a process enthusiast. I know the value of having a well-thought-out plan and process in place; a solid plan helps ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. This is especially true when it comes to sales.

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I Just Hired a Green Salesperson. Now What?

I Just Hired a Green Salesperson. Now What

Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking, especially in sales, where the pressure is on to deliver results from day one.

As a manager, it's your job to not only set your new hires up for success but also to ensure they are a good fit for your team and company culture.

While experience and skills are important, don't underestimate the power of raw talent — it's often the key ingredient to a successful salesperson. But once you've hired a talented newbie, how do you turn that potential into actual results?

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3 Ways to Achieve Sales Performance Improvement

3 Ways to Achieve Sales Performance Improvement

Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods are all known for their exceptional talent and success in their respective sports. However, they also have something else in common: they all had coaches who played a significant role in their careers.

Some might argue that it was their coaches — Bill Belichick, Phil Jackson, and Earl Woods —  who helped turn their natural talent into the greatest athletes of their sports. It's clear that even the best of the best need and value the guidance of a coach.

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