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Top Five Digital Posts of 2013: Improve Your Digital Sales Strategy

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Every business owner, manager, marketer, and salesperson must equip themselves with digital knowledge in order to succeed in today's world. This includes understanding how to create a successful digital campaign, how to incorporate online assets into your current marketing strategy, and how it can be a critical component in both your company's success as well as your clients. There's a lot of information to sort through on these topics so we've pulled together our five most popular blog articles so far this year on the topic of digital sales strategy.

Read through these to equip yourself with some of the top must-know digital knowledge. 

1) Digital Marketing: Don't Forget Mobile in Your Integrated Campaign

As a business owner/CMO/part of a marketing department; having a good understanding of mobile can be vital to your upcoming marketing successes. 

2) Three Free Resources to Sharpen your Digital Sales Strategy

One comment heard often is there is so much to know in digital and it changes all the time… how to keep up with everything?

3) Digital Marketing Strategy: Creating Campaigns That Work (Part 1)

How do businesses use local media sites to effectively market their business? This is a digital marketing strategy question that is heard frequently and it is for that reason we set out to find an answer.

4) Digital Marketing: Insights Your Customers Need to Know About

If you play a hand in your company's marketing efforts or sell traditional media, there's a study worth paying attention to.

5) Improving Digital Sales: Artie Decker's Tips to Being Relevant

Artie’s complete misunderstanding of social platforms and digital leads to one of the movie’s funniest scenes. Artie now lives in a world he can no longer compete with and loses his job because of it.  


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