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Our Experts Share Their Top Tips to Perfecting the Sales Proposal

tips to perfect the sales proposal - no surprise proposalProspecting was spot on. The needs analysis meetings uncovered a clear desired business result for the prospect. And now it's time to shine—sales proposal time! 

Ask any sales rep what the hardest part of their job is, and we'll bet they’ll say “closing.” Don't be scared. Ensure your hard work (or your team's hard work) doesn't go wasted by following these tips gathered from our sales experts when creating and presenting your sales proposal.  

Sales Managers: Use these tips when coaching your sales team in this phase of the sales process!

Top Tips for Creating and Presenting Your Sales Proposal 

  1. Understand the desired business result, the consumer journey, and how your products and services connect to provide a solution. -- Kurt, VP/Senior Consultant

  2. Clearly map your proposed solution to your prospect's business goals/objectives. -- Dean, Director, Client Solutions

  3. Score 15 out of 15 on the No-Surprise Proposal Test if you want to close and win more of your proposals. -- Matt, Managing Partner

  4. Always include a Critical Path in your proposal that outlines tasks and responsibilities that need to get done once they commit. Show the prospect what needs to happen, who needs to fulfill the task, and when they need to do it. By laying out a plan of execution while you present the proposal, you give the prospect the confidence that all details will be handled and executed accurately once they say ‘yes’. -- Alysa, Senior Coach

  5. Speak like the Target - Know their language, buzzwords, and success measurements. Create a proposal that connects with the target by speaking their language. -- Trey, Senior Consultant

Use these tips from our sales experts to help perfect sales proposals and presentations that close deals and improve sales performance!

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