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The Comeback Kid: 20 Weeks to Change Your 2020 Story

The Comeback Kid 20 Weeks to Change Your 2020 Story

We all have a choice to make. That choice is what we’re going to do for the next 20 weeks of the year. We can continue to worry, fret, blame, and sit on the couch (if you're not doing any of those things - hurrah for you!). But we can also take the opportunity to be the Comeback Kid

Twenty weeks is a long time. That's 100 working days, with a few holidays thrown in. We encourage you to continue the activity that got you where you were before this pandemic struck. And, while we always encourage you to visualize the win, it's the plays in between that are really important. How can you win each day? What activities should you do to get you to the finish line? And, are you doing those activities to the best of your ability?

How to Increase Activity in 20 Weeks

on-demand webinar graphic: how inbound marketing keeps working during a pandemic Those of you in the media space are highly driven to be the best and highly motivated to win. But, if you’re only counting the wins, you're missing opportunities to count the wins along the way.

What do those wins look like? If you’re an Account Executive (AE), they might look something like this:

If you're a manager, those wins might look like this:

  • Help your AE's write seed emails.
  • Warm up a prospect and hand over to an AE.
  • Making sure your Individual Focus Meeting's (IFM) are focused on the right things.
  • Ask the individuals on your team what their wins for the day are.
  • Make sure that your team is working on solid assignments from their needs analysis.

While it’s often difficult to accelerate a long sales cycle deal, there are proven strategies to help you recover portions of what you lost during the first half of the year. Velocity helps you meet numbers and achieve revenue, but you should never ignore the value of prospecting and missed opportunities.

Play All Four Quarters

You have 20 weeks to change your 2020 story. Don't give up now! If you did, it would be like starting the second half of a football game, receiving the ball, and giving up because you were already down two touchdowns. You were pummeled in the first half but you must play all four quarters. And you'll do that by winning activity each day. New call-to-action

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