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2014: A Year in Review | Part Four: Inbound Marketing


As 2014 comes to a close, we like to take a minute and reflect on the posts that resonated the most this year. Here's a year in review of our most popular posts regarding inbound marketing. 

Disappointed in the Results of Your First Year of Inbound Marketing?

Your first year of inbound marketing is strange. How can you know what to expect?

What is a Target Persona and Why Do I Need One?

In inbound marketing, we talk about target personas. What is target persona? Does everyone need one?

What's a Marketing Qualified Lead? What's a Sales Qualified Lead?

What's the difference between a marketing qualified lead and a sales qualified lead? Find the answer, and why it matters.

The Problem is Not in the Proposal or the Sales Funnel

It's not your sales funnel or your sales pipeline that's the problem -- if you're not closing enough business, you could be using the wrong process.

Success Dances with Those Already on the Dance Floor

Inbound marketing helps get people to the dance floor. Find out more about what CEO Jim Hopes has learned about engaging prospects.

6 Immutable Rules of Communication in the Age of Content Marketing

Content marketing has its challenges, but follow these six immutable rules of communication when you're doing content marketing, you'll be in good shape.

5 Things Often Misunderstood About Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is more than just a blog on your company's website. Read about the 5 things you need to know about inbound marketing.

Top 10 Ways a Content Calendar will Improve Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Incorporating a content calendar into your inbound marketing strategy can increase leads, blog ideas and lead to a more successful lead generation effort.

15 Inbound Marketing Ideas from Problogger Academy

Inspiration comes in many forms. Read the 15 inbound marketing ideas I learned last week at ProBlogger academy.

Revolutionizing How Sales and Marketing are Done Around the World

What is inbound marketing? Matt Sunshine defines inbound marketing.

Those were our best posts about talent, and working with others. What stood out to you?

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