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Brian Hasenbauer

Brian Hasenbauer

Author, Speaker and expert on all things digital including: social media, inbound marketing, online video trends, etc.

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It’s Not Rocket Science, It’s Inbound Marketing

Its_Not_Rocket_ScienceRecently while attending a meeting with a prospect and explaining the 7-Step Lead Generation process to them, and how they start to generate leads with inbound marketing, they made the comment that “inbound marketing is like understanding rocket science.” This comment stuck with me and made it more evident than ever that to some, inbound marketing is not as easy to grasp as some experts make it appear.

Why is Inbound Marketing Difficult to Some?
If you understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, email marketing, and website design and have a great team of writers on staff, and have someone that can dedicate 10 hours a week or more to publishing blog posts and creating landing pages for your premium content, it’s not really that challenging.  

What? You don’t have those skill sets within your company or the resources to dedicate to inbound marketing?  It’s okay… for those companies that don’t have this expertise but are still interested in generating leads through inbound marketing there are plenty of ways to make the process easier and doable even for the smallest of companies.

How to Make Inbound Marketing Effortless
Well, you can’t really make it effortless but you can do a few things to help supplement the resources you have available. Here are 3 steps to make inbound marketing easier: 

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Five Characteristics of an Inbound Marketing Culture

Building_an_Inbound_Marketing_Culture_at_Your_CompanyThe best inbound marketing programs and the ones that create the most leads are not necessarily the ones that develop the most content or have the prettiest infographics.  The most successful inbound marketing programs are the ones that embrace inbound marketing throughout the organization, and understand that in order to succeed it will take more than just the efforts of one person.  An inbound culture differs from an outbound culture in that the expectation within an inbound culture is that the company’s website and blog will be sought out and found by our prospects, because of the great content that’s created rather than having to utilize outbound methods to attract prospects to their website.  

In a very basic sense, an inbound culture understands that the very core of their existence is based upon trying to solve their prospect’s needs and explaining to them in a non-sales oriented way how they can do that for them.  

There are several characteristics that successful inbound marketing organizations share and we have listed our top 5 below.

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Five Tips For Using Your LinkedIn Account to Build Your Personal Brand

5 Tips For Using Your LinkedIn Account to Build Your Personal BrandWith social media becoming an increasingly important part of the business landscape it’s now more important than ever that salespeople have a good presence on social media. While there are a number of social media platforms to choose from including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn to name a few of the most popular ones, networking on LinkedIn should be a primary goal.   
LinkedIn, which has over 225 million users, is where most people go to research other companies and to make purchase decisions about products and services for their companies. If you are a salesperson and setting appointments is a primary part of your job, you can be assured that you are getting checked out online and on LinkedIn before a prospect says “yes” to your asking for an appointment.

Getting Started on LinkedIn

How do you get started using LinkedIn? It all starts with having a thorough profile.
There are some LinkedIn users that won’t accept networking requests from LinkedIn member that don’t have a profile picture.

When you get started using LinkedIn it’s very important that you make sure you have a complete profile including adding your past positions, recommendations and a good headshot or profile image. Without having a solid profile established, especially a profile image, whatever you do on LinkedIn won’t be as effective. So establishing a solid profile is important before you start to engage your network.

After you build your profile you are not finished. That’s just the start of what you need to be doing on LinkedIn. With what seems like more salespeople competing for the same accounts it’s important to not just have an account on LinkedIn but to actually USE your account on LinkedIn.
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Four Ways to Get More Qualified Appointments per Week

4 Ways to Get More Qualified Appointments Per WeekSuccess in business usually isn’t because of the big things that are done once in awhile.  It’s usually the little things that are done over time that end up making the big differences. 

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Four Ways Thought Leadership Can Lead to More Revenue

4 Ways Thought Leadership Can Lead to More Revenue

Thought leadership has been one of the newest buzzwords in the C-Suite over the past years. With companies focusing more on blogging and social media it’s now easier than ever for C-Suite Executives to engage and discuss the company’s and industry’s direction. 

However, not all C-Suite Executives have been forthcoming about providing insight or perspective on what’s taking place in the marketplace.  Some C-Suite Executives haven’t bought into the benefits that thought leadership offers and are hesitant to make the investment of time and resources to get started. 

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How Advertorials and Inbound Marketing Work Together

Inbound MarketingWhen I used to sell print ads in a national sports publication I was always a proponent of advertorials when it related products or services needing additional explanation. Clients would be able to use a short "article" to detail solutions to problems or discuss certain issues relevant to the target audience. I thought this was great and usually my clients saw some great results.  

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How Digital Marketing Has Affected Today's Mad Men

Digital MarketingMad Men Season 6 debuts this Sunday on AMC and over the past several seasons the show has done a great job of showing a society in change and how the advertising world has evolved to adjust to these shifts in society’s norms.  

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Top Five Characteristics of Successful Inbound Marketing Efforts

Inbound MarketingWhen you think of what characteristics make a successful company, marketing campaign or team there are certain traits and factors that help to sort out the best and worst, the winners from the losers. This is true with inbound marketing and lead generation programs as well. 

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Inbound Marketing: How to Write an Effective Blog Post

Inbound MarketingOne of the greatest and most well known benefits of blogging (aka Content Marketing) is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effects that you gain by publishing blog posts and premium content on a regular basis.

However, if you are not utilizing certain best practices and guides for authoring effective content your efforts will not be optimized, and it will take longer and more effort to achieve your desired results.

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Digital Marketing: Content Curation for Thought Leadership

Digital MarketingAre you on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter? Do you post articles or links with your comments or insights to share with your friends, business network or colleagues? If so, did you know you are a “Content Curator?”

It’s true. The term “Content Curation” has recently gained popularity in blogging and content marketing communities, and there are several mainstream websites that are receiving millions of visits per month by visitors looking for a single place to get information that’s organized in an easy-to-use format on specific topics. 

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