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Emily Estey

Recent Posts by Emily Estey:

A Lesson on How to Manage Millennials from Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll

football_50_yard_lineI know, I know, everyone has an opinion about Pete Carroll, the coach of the Seattle Seahawks, winners of the 2014 Super Bowl. Since I live in the great state of Washington—I'm a fan. 

I was reading an article titled "Player development propels Seahawks" with the subtitle "Carroll's patience helps rookies improve faster." 

How Modern Family Can Teach Us Sales Techniques for Prospecting

Sales Techniques Research Your Prospects
Topics: Sales Buyer's Journey

Executive Coaching: Are Your Meetings Worth $60,000?

A $10,000 MeetingThis week I had the pleasure of running a meeting with a group of department heads. The topic of our discussion was All About Meetings. Prior to the meeting, one of the b2b sales managers did the math to determine how much it costs (time off the streets) to have all of the salespeople on his team attend an hour long meeting. The title to this blog post doesn’t even begin to cut it – the cost was in the $60,000.00 range – for one hour

Improve Sales Performance by Timing and Aligning Client Expectations

timing and aligningWe all know it's important to talk early and often about what your clients expectations are. After you identify a true client need is the time to start talking about expectations.

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Don't be Bigfoot: 4 Steps to Increase Your Online Visibility

Improve Digital Sales StrategyHave you seen the cartoon of Bigfoot, sitting on a log in the forest with a laptop open? The caption reads, "I wonder if anyone is looking for me?"

Topics: Digital Sales branding

Leadership Development: What is the "bridge" for the people you manage?

Sales CoachingWhat a fascinating conversation!  A manager was telling me about all of the people on her team. She would start by saying what each person's personal goal was for the year and how she helps them work toward that.

Topics: Sales

Challenging the Challenge [Sales Strategy]

identifying business challengesYou've done a great job in your first appointment with the client. You've exposed lots of areas where they'd like to see improvement. You've also eliminated areas of focus that aren't important. You've asked the client’s help in narrowing down which challenge or challenges they'd like your help with. And that challenge may sound something like this:

Topics: Needs Analysis Sales

SELLING TECHNIQUES: Stop Sitting at the Kiddie Table

kid tableWhy, oh why, as salespeople, do we put ourselves in a position without access to the person who actually makes decisions on where dollars will be spent? Maybe it's important to look at why we aren't invited to the big kids’ table. It's because there are lots of people around us who have bad manners. They don't set agendas for meetings. They don't contract for next steps. They have nothing relevant to talk about, so they are perceived as time wasters (and they probably chew with their mouths open). 

Topics: setting expectations Sales