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Five Posts on Needs Analysis You Might Have Missed

Needs AnalysisLearning how to dig deeper and gain a better understanding of each of your client and prospect's needs is a very popular topic on our blog. We've taken a look at some of our popular articles that will help you to conduct an effective needs analysis meeting so you can focus on developing customized solutions for your clients.  

Good luck!

1) Whose Need Is It Anyway

Some of the most important steps in your sales strategy should include asking the right questions and uncovering a client or prospect's true needs. Only then can you provide customized solutions.

2) Improving Sales Performance: Requests Usually Mask True Needs

Sometimes you’ll find that, instead of expressing a real need, your prospect asks for some service or other that she thinks you provide as a matter of course. For example, she might say something like, “I really need more creative ways to increase foot traffic during the week.”

3) Five Tips for a Successful Digital Needs Analysis

You finally got an appointment with a strong prospect. Now, it is time to prepare for a successful needs analysis to make sure that all the effort you spent getting the appointment isn’t wasted. You want to make sure that you have a strong and thorough needs analysis—because understanding your prospect's business, their specific needs, challenges and expectations is imperative to developing a solution that will achieve results.

4) Did Your Needs Analysis Uncover A Need? One Need?

Congratulations. You've conducted a needs analysis meeting and discovered a need. But, is that good enough? How many needs did you uncover? Surely a serious conversation with a prospect about current challenges, unrealized opportunities, hassles, and trends would uncover multiple needs.

5) The Hit That Knocks You Out

Imagine if a Pro Football QB had their most effective off season of their career from a training and conditioning standpoint, but wore no equipment in the first game of the season. It would take one hit, and they could be out for the season!

When it comes to delivering solutions for your clients, there is no tool more important than the Needs Analysis Record to help guide you through this meeting and help you uncover true needs. Download it here.

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