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Spring Cleaning: A 10-Step Guide to Cleaning Up Your Account List

Spring Cleaning

Account List Management is easy, but many don’t see it as a priority. 

I suggest you take a few minutes to “spring clean” your account list. You will find many “Aha’s” when looking at it closely.  Here’s a simple outline of how to clean up your list.  

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6 Steps to Improve Your Employer Brand and Boost Recruitment

6 Steps to Improve Your Employer Brand and Boost Recruitment

In the travel industry, you want to be a “destination of choice,” meaning you are highly preferred or sought after by travelers for your attractions, amenities, and experiences. As an employer, you want the exact same thing.

But what does that mean for you? How can you be a destination of choice?

Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While one person might seek the rich history and cultural landmarks of London rather than the commercialization and street vendors of New York’s Times Square, another might be looking for a bustling, exciting experience and jump on a trip to New York. London and New York have very different brands.

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Securing Appointments Through Social Selling

Securing Appointments Through Social Selling

The most common frustration I hear from B2B sales and marketing leaders is their inability to secure first appointments with qualified prospects. The common sentiment that I hear over and over again is this.

“We do really well as a sales team when we have an opportunity to tell our story. But we’re just not getting enough at-bats.”

For several years, traditional outbound prospecting methods (cold calling and email) in B2B selling have become less productive. The average cold call success rate in 2024 is 4.82%.

This statistic includes efforts to call into all sizes of companies and levels of target contacts. As you call larger companies and higher-level decision-makers, this number can plummet to less than 1%.

And email isn’t much better. Over 60% of all cold outbound emails go unopened by the target prospect.

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Mind Over Time: 6 Lessons to Boost Your Productivity

Mind Over Time

We've all been therefeeling overwhelmed, scattered, and struggling to get things done. The traditional approach tells us to buckle down, make a to-do list, and manage our time better.

But what if the real key to productivity lies not in rigidly scheduling every minute but in learning to manage our minds?

David Kadavy's "Mind Management, Not Time Management" offers a fresh perspective and practical tips for boosting productivity by harnessing the power of your most precious resourceyour attention.

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Optimizing Your Omnichannel Experience for Better Sales Performance

Optimizing Your Omnichannel Experience for Better Sales Performance

An effective omnichannel strategy integrates various channels, ensuring a consistent and personalized customer journey that leads to better brand recognition, customer satisfaction, and increased conversions.

As sales cycles embrace a hybrid model, the buyer's journey now spans multiple physical and digital touchpoints before making a purchase. To optimize the omnichannel experience and foster customer retention, it's crucial to understand customer expectations, map their journey, leverage data insights, align stakeholders, and continuously enhance the post-purchase experience.

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Avoid Sending The “Just Checking In” Email—Do This Instead

Avoid Sending The “Just Checking In” Email Do This Instead

At the core of every successful workforce management practice is communication. As managers and sellers adapt to this new normal, clear communication, and scheduled talk time are more important than ever before. Talk time comes in forms such as:

  • Manager to seller talk time
  • Manager to key customer talk time
  • Seller to key and secondary customer talk time

Email is great for communicating data and confirming details, but nothing beats a conversation. Especially when the person on the other end of the line—phone or video—has a problem and needs to tap into your problem-solving expertise.

Whether with your sales team, customers, or prospects, regular check-ins promote open communication and stop larger issues from festering, as well as allow for immediate feedback.

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Building Authentic Relationships for New Business Growth

Building Authentic Relationships for New Business Growth

While marketing strategies and sales tactics are crucial, the power of building strong relationships should never be underestimated. Genuine connections forged through authentic interactions and a deep understanding of your client's needs can pave the way for sustainable business growth.

By focusing on creating valuable and meaningful bonds, you can establish a loyal customer base, foster trust, and ultimately drive long-term success for your business. Discover how to leverage the power of genuine connections to stand out in a crowded market and unlock new opportunities for growth.

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Want to Accelerate the Sales Cycle? Slow Down!

Want to Accelerate the Sales Cycle Slow Down

Studies show that reaching out to leads within an hour of them contacting you makes you seven times likelier to have meaningful conversations, and up to 50% of sales go to the vendor who responded first.

There’s also a tenfold decrease in your odds of making contact with a lead if you wait more than five minutes to reach out after they submit a web form.

Whether from clients, management, or themselves, salespeople are under a lot of pressure to perform faster in their sales processes. We live and work in a fast-paced, “want it now” culture that can feel overwhelming at times. Sometimes, there’s only one solution to closing more deals, and that’s to SLOW DOWN!

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Closing the Gap: Aligning Sales Expectations and Reality for Appointment Success

Closing the Gap

I think we can all agree that securing appointments is foundational to achieving sales goals.

However, findings from the recent Media Sales Report found a persistent gap between the expectations and reality of salespeople and their managers when it comes to the actual number of scheduled appointments.

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Engaging a Decision Influencer to Pave the Way to a Decision Maker

Engaging a Decision Influencer to Pave the Way to a Decision Maker

When selling a product or service, not all outreach efforts should be directed directly at the decision maker, who has the final word on what will be bought.

Instead, it's more effective to engage with the people around them—influencers from whom they seek advice, people nearby who can speak favorably about your company, and sources of information they trust.

This is an even more vital strategy in B2B sales efforts. After all, the decision maker may not be the one using your product, adjusting workflows to accommodate it, or even engaging with the product directly at all. Instead, your sales teams need to develop a comprehensive approach for identifying and engaging with influencers who will ultimately lead you to decision makers (or lead the decision makers to you).

Start by clearly understanding the role of decision influencers in today's sales and buying experiences, how to reach out to these decision influencers, and, ultimately, how to leverage that connection to get in front of decision makers more effectively.

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