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Why The Talent of Problem Solving is Essential for Sales Performance

Why The Talent of Problem Solving is Essential for Sales Performance

You have a salesperson who has a great, positive attitude. The clients love them and they do a great job at getting that first appointment and building a relationship with clients. 

BUT they tend to use the same few solutions over and over.

And when clients or coworkers come to this person with an issue, it ruins their day — it gets them completely off track, and they just can’t seem to find the way back. What’s the problem?! 

Is the individual's positivity not as high as it should be? Is discipline the issue? Actually, what you're witnessing may be their lack of ability to problem solve.

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Weekly Roundup: Sales Training Games, Sales Forecasting Methods + More

Sales Training Games, Sales Forecasting Methods


"Sales is not about selling anymore, but about building trust and educating.”

- Siva Devaki


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27 Sales Training Games, Activities, & Ideas To Ramp Up Your Team – HubSpot

There are over 13 million salespeople working in the United States, and they spend weeks or even months training for success in their role.

Given the different responsibilities, industries, and team structures salespeople encounter, it’s hard to recommend a one-size-fits-all approach to sales training. Your reps need to learn and retain all of the company-specific skills and knowledge in order to succeed in their jobs.

That’s why we’ve made a list of the best sales training ideas, activities, and games. Read through the list to determine the best tactics and programs to use when training your sales team. >>> READ MORE

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6 Ways To Ask The Perfect Question

ask the perfect question salesHave you ever come back to your office after a solid Needs Analysis meeting and shared the exciting news with your manager?

As you sit down to recap, your manager starts to ask you questions about the prospect, and you realize you can’t answer them.

Critical information that you need was never even discussed. The assignment that you uncovered and thought was strong is actually vague, and you begin to understand clearly that you're missing key pieces of information.

You start to deflate as you realize this meeting wasn’t as good as you thought after all.

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Improving Sales Performance - IMPACT Your Sales Planning: Target Drives


To set your organization up for long-term success, you need more than just a goal. You need a strategic plan, and that’s where target drives come in.

How do you do a target drive? Why do you need help with them? And a question many sales leaders want to know, what does "good" look like?

In this episode, Alina McComas, VP / Senior Consultant at The Center for Sales Strategy, discusses how sales leaders can make an IMPACT on their sales planning through Target Drives. Plus, she gives brand-new data related to top-performers!

Tune in now or keep reading for a brief overview.

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How Do You Improve Sales Performance?

How to Improve Sales Performance

It's obvious why sales performance is a crucial part of any organization. Good sales performance leads to increased sales and greater profits. These results become a motivating factor for your sales force.

A motivated sales team will perform well. This creates a cycle of continued success. However, it's often hard to achieve. 

Poor sales performance results in lost time and increased costs. Sales managers end up spending 90% of their time trying to manage poor sales performance. Your organization can avoid this by implementing an effective sales performance strategy.

This will facilitate the productive use of your sales managers' time and a motivated sales force that helps improve your company's bottom line. Read on to learn more about sales performance and how you can improve it with a comprehensive strategy.

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Top 15 Reasons Your Employees Stay [INFOGRAPHIC]

15 reasons your employees stay-Blog Header (screenshot-green)Companies with highly-engaged employees grow revenue 2.5x as much as those who don't, and engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their organization. Creating and building a company culture of engagement is vital to a healthy company and business growth.

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Weekly Roundup: Insight Selling vs Solution Selling, Tips for Hiring the Right Team + More

Insight Selling vs Solution Selling, Tips for Hiring the Right Team


"Change your thinking, change your life.”

- Ernest Holmes


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Insight Selling vs Solution Selling + How Modern Sales Teams Use Both– Close

Your prospects are inundated with information.

So, you assume your prospects enter your sales pipeline armed with a clear understanding of their challenges and the available solutions.

Or do they?

According to studies by Gartner, 77% of B2B buyers state that their last purchase was very complex.

Why? First, because the number of people involved in a deal has increased over the last years—63% of purchases have more than 4 people involved, according to research by Forrester from early 2021.

Second, because each person involved in the purchase is armed with their own research and information. >>> READ MORE

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What a Thought Leader Does

What a Thought Leader Does

We’re all guilty of throwing around the terms “thought leader” and “thought leadership.”  These days the terms are so often used that we forget what they actually mean.

In fact, Inc Magazine states that the term "thought leader" is one of the most misunderstood titles in business. Tied for first is the term "influencer." 

Is sharing content on social media considered thought leadership? Do you need 10K LinkedIn followers to reach the status of a “thought leader?”

The short answer is no. We all have the ability and opportunity to be thought leaders just by educating, improving, and adding value to our industry as a whole.

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Improving Sales Performance - IMPACT Your Sales Process: Sales Structure


To establish the foundation for sustainable business growth, a solid sales structure must be built layer by layer. People, resources, and processes must align and work together to produce the best results for your organization.

Is your current sales structure designed for the results you want?

In Episode 26, Mike Paterson, President / General Manager at Mid-West Family Illinois, discusses how sales leaders can make an IMPACT on their sales process through sales structure.

Tune in now to hear the Live broadcast or keep reading for a brief overview.

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10 Eye-Opening Email Statistics To Help Guide Your Sales Email Strategy

email statistics to guide sales email strategyRecently, I sat on a panel about sales and marketing, and during the presentation, another fellow panelist said, 'Email is dead! Social media is where to reach your people!' Well... I laughed (internally, of course)... but was he right?

Surely not. 

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