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A B2B Sales Training Formula That Delivers Instant ROI

sales_training-1Here's the most obvious statement of the day: The world is full of many B2B sales training options. 

No kidding! Some might say too many options!

If you are a sales training consultant or an in-house trainer looking for sales training resources, the task of selecting a B2B sales training partner is not easy. Here’s a list of things to consider when faced with this decision:

  • Cost of the training
  • Delivery platform (online, onsite, distance or a combination of any or all)
  • Focus (specific niche or broad base)
  • Reputation of the provider
  • How long the training will take
  • ROI from the training
  • Reseller commission

The Instant ROI Formula

The most significant element on this list is ROI because it is attached to the bottom line. Simply put, B2B sales training needs to increase sales performance—nothing more and nothing less. The challenge with evaluating most B2B sales training is determining ROI. This is a difficult task because most B2B sales training programs do not include a revenue-generating component. Train and hope is not a great strategy when it comes to training—train and deliver revenue is a better approach!

Here's a proven formula designed to deliver instant ROI from B2B sales training:

Online + Onsite + Revenue Initiative = Instant ROI


Use an online training course that includes a revenue-generating component during the training

+ Onsite

Follow up the online course a week later with an onsite workshop that requires sellers to practice what they learned during the online course

+ Revenue Initiative

Follow up the onsite workshop immediately with a 4-8 week tactical revenue generating initiative that requires sellers to apply what they learn and generate revenue

= Instant ROI

During, After, and Forever

This formula provides sellers with three opportunities to develop revenue:

  • During the training
  • Immediately after the training
  • Forever because it enables sellers to practice new skills and change their sales habits that will deliver revenue forever

To learn more about the elements of this instant ROI formula and B2B sales training designed to improve revenue performance, check out The Center for Sales Strategy’s Partner Program.



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