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Follow this Checklist to Conduct a B2B Sales Training Workshop that Rocks

Follow_this_Checklist_to_Conduct_a_B2B_Sales_Training_that_RocksI’ve been a B2B sales trainer for the past ten years and have lost count of how many workshops I’ve conducted.  I have found that consistency is a very important component of flawless performance. One thing that has been a cornerstone building block is the process I follow before every market trip and sales training workshop I conduct: 

  • Schedule a call with the client 6-8 weeks prior to the intended date of the customer visit/workshop
  • Conduct the call with the client and confirm the following:
    • Focus of the visit/workshop
    • Determine the training resources needed for the visit/workshop
    • Determine if other consultants from my firm will be involved
    • The date and time
    • Location
    • Number of participants and their names
    • Room set and AV requirements
    • Prep assignment for the sellers (including enrollment in appropriate online course)
  • Send a confirmation of the visit including the agenda to the client via an Outlook invite for the date or dates of the workshop—include any room set requirements (including AV and seating) as well as the location of the workshop
  • Send an Outlook invite to the client for a pre-visit call two weeks prior to the visit—discuss any appropriate details like the agenda, advance assignments and room requirements
  • Contact other consultants from my firm that will be involved in the visit or workshop
  • Book air travel and hotel and rental car if needed—I rarely rent a car anymore (too expensive and too much hassle)
  • Order sales training materials (from my company or appropriate partner program for sales trainers that provide resources for consultants)
  • Send an email to the client that includes prep assignment details for the sellers (things seller will do before the workshop)
  • Block time on the calendar to conduct any workshop preparation—things like downloading PPTs and reviewing the workshop leaders’ guide
  • Print any training materials required for the workshop
  • Send a reminder email to the sellers about any prep assignments
  • Conduct the pre-visit call to make sure everything is on track
  • Schedule a post visit call via Outlook to take place within one week of the visit
  • Schedule any post visit sales initiative activities—things like a Target Drive

This checklist works extremely well—the only time it comes up short is if I get busy and skip a step.  Oh the pitfalls of human error! 

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