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Our Favorite Blog Posts of 2013

dreamstime_xs_34443044As we welcome the New Year, a few of us at The Center for Sales Strategy were discussing some of our favorite blog posts from 2013.

We thought a great way to capture this information was to survey several of the contributors to The Center for Sales Strategy blog and asked them to provide their top posts from our blog as well as their favorite post from other blogs.  It was a difficult decision as we blog 4 to 5 times per week and cover multiple categories: Digital, Inbound, Management, Sales and Talent.

We would like to share these results with you so that you can see what’s on our mind and what we think will be important heading into 2014.   

Happy New Year and thanks for reading The Center for Sales Strategy blog.

Jim_HopesJim Hopes
Chief Executive Officer



Jim's Favorite Edge Blogs:

Steve_MarxSteve Marx 
Chairman Emeritus 



Steve's Favorite Edge Blogs:

Steve’s favorite Non-CSS Blog post:
Why Invest Time With Top Performers?  - Click here to Tweet


Matt_SunshineMatt Sunshine
Executive Vice President 



Matt's Favorite Edge Blogs:

Matt’s favorite Non-CSS Blog post:
Former Salesforce Director of Sales Shares How He Helped Grow Revenues To Over $100 Million - Click here to Tweet

Mike_AndersonMike Anderson
Vice President, Consumer Insights and Communication



Mike's Favorite Edge Blogs:

Mike’s favorite Non-CSS Blog post:
Why Media Companies Are Struggling (And How Inbound Can Help) - Click to Tweet

Dani_BuckleyDani Buckley
Inbound Marketing Consultant



Dani's Favorite Edge Blogs:

Dani's favorite Non-CSS Blog post:
What the Heck Is Blogging? A Sneak Peek Into Marketing's Newest Pastime [Infographic]
 - Click to Tweet


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