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How do world-class sales organizations identify their ideal client? Find out.
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A Clear Path to Increase B2B Sales Activity Quickly

A_Clear_Path_to_Increase_B2B_Sales_Activity_QuicklyEvery strong sales organization uses periodic tactics to drive activity and ultimately sales. Tapping into your B2B sales training resources to help clients makes a great deal of sense. Here’s a clear path to follow if you are a sales consultant and have a client who wants to make things happen and drive measurable results:

  • Determine the focus: What is the best opportunity to focus on? Is the desired outcome to create a specific amount of revenue from a specific customer sector? Is it based on a certain time of year? Is it tied to the launch of a new product or service? A new category of business? Perhaps the goal is to increase the number of quality face-to-face sales calls.

  • Select the time frame: How long initiative last? When will it start and end? I suggest somewhere around 6-8 weeks to allow time to select prospects, get appointments, assess needs, propose tailored solutions and close deals.

  • The launch: Consider how to launch. I like to use a kick-off meeting that explains the program and has sellers take an honest assessment of their best prospects for this sales drive. You might want to use a workshop like Target Account Court where sellers cross examine each other, challenging the quality of their Targets (best prospects).

  • The fun: Think of how to make the initiative fun along the way. Great leaders always look for ways to make the unenjoyable, enjoyable. A good place to focus the fun is on getting that first appointment with the selected prospects. This is hard work and deserves focus. Stopping down weekly to celebrate success stories is a great idea.

  • The rewards: Make sure you have incentives that are clear at the beginning and celebrated along the way and at the end. Maybe a reward or bonus for the first sale, the most sales, the biggest sales and the overall largest volume. 

To get a copy of the Prosecuting Attorney tool we use in the Target Account Court click here to download. This tool and the related Target Account Court workshop are great resources designed to improve your B2B sales training expertise!

Target Account Court Prosecuting Attorney Tool

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