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Weekly Roundup: How to Climb the Ladder, The Best Question is the One You Never Ask + More

How to Climb the Ladder


"Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”

-Stephen Covey


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How to Climb the Ladder, Even When the Ground is Shaky Medium

As we approach what is typically “performance review season” many high performers are faced with two seemingly competing inner voices:

  • I should be grateful I even have a job
  • I still want to climb the ladder

It’s not a false dichotomy. You should be grateful. And you should also continue to build your career, even if seemingly nothing this year went “according to plan.” Here are five tips for climbing the ladder, even if your ladder seems to be resting on quicksand. >>> READ MORE

Don’t Forget to Grow Your Accounts Engage Selling

Amongst your sales efforts, don’t forget to grow your current accounts! Client acquisition and finding new prospects are, of course, alluring.

It’s what often immediately comes to most people’s minds when the word “sales” comes up in conversation.

But, not only is it easier to sell within an existing account than it is to someone you don’t know, but unless your organization is retaining clients at a good rate, you’re simply creating a revolving door of new clients coming in as current one's exit!

Let’s then, discuss the “often ignored” part of sellingyour existing customers! >>> READ MORE

Why the Best Question Is the One You Never Ask The Black Swan Group

Questions are universally known as necessary mechanisms to gather information from another party. 

Although this still rings true to a certain extent, it is not as if you can ask any old question and get the results you’re looking for. You have to ask the right questions, and you have to ask them in the right order.

And, believe it or not, when you master this method, you can find the answers you need without even asking questions at all. >>> READ MORE

Managers Can be Your Best Culture Change Agents Up Your Culture

It has become increasingly apparent that company culture is an important factor for jobseekers and plays an important role in retaining your superstar employees.

With this in mind, organizations are looking to define their core values and ensure that they are lived out in every corner of the business. What many organizations overlook is that this is just the first step in building and sustaining a culture that attracts and retains stellar performers. >>> READ MORE

Discover Whether You're a Sales Hunter, Farmer, or TrapperHubSpot

My coaching client Daniel asked me, “Bill, are you a Hunter or a Farmer? Do you constantly prospect for new business, or do you focus on the clients you currently have?”

I replied, “I’m more of a Trapper. I like to apply the principles of value-centered marketing, so people see me as a resource and come to me for further assistance.” However, even though I take on this persona, it’s still essential to understand how different salespeople like to work. This post will explain the difference between the hunter and farmer sales persona and how they take on sales activity. >>>READ MORE

3 Tips for Helping Ensure Salespeople Have the Right Content to Use at the Right Time [VIDEO]LeadG2

A productive, successful sales conversation must convey immediate and contextual relevance and value to both parties for it to continue. For modern buyers, it’s vital they receive the right information at the right time in order to continue confidently through their own buying journey.

For B2B salespeople, finding a way to cut through the noise, and deliver that expected timely engagement with the right level of insight, is the answer to driving new business. >>>READ MORE

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