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Demrie Henry

Demrie Henry

Demrie is the Director of Sales for Tax Law Solutions. She works with tax law attorneys and business strategists to help business owners dramatically and permanently reduce their income tax rate. She can be reached at: dhenry@taxlawsolutions.net

Recent Posts by Demrie Henry:

I Just Deleted Your Email... No, I Don't Want to Chat!

NO_Im_NOT_open_to_Chatting_DeleteThat was exactly what I thought and then did after reading an email I received from a salesperson trying to sell me something. In fact, just to add perspective… here is what the email said:


Just wanted to reconnect with you. The organization is experiencing very exciting growth and I would like to update you. Would you be open to chatting tomorrow?

When I opened this email I immediately thought about a conversation I recently had with a client about how his salespeople seem to ‘just check-in’ with their prospects. He told me they don’t call them with a valid business reason nor do they offer any real value… or in other words, a compelling reason for the prospect to believe that having a conversation with them would actually help their business. He said his salespeople tend to call prospects and say something like: “Hi, I just wanted to check in with you to see how things are going? Is there anything new going on that I can help you with?”

If you want your prospects to take time out of their schedule to meet with you or talk with you, you must make them believe you can add value to their business.  

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No Tricks, JUST Treats Please!

No_Tricks_Just_Treats_PleaseCostumes, Ghosts and Goblins, Spooky Spiders, and Candy are fun Halloween traditions. Each year, children dress up and go door-to-door exclaiming “trick or treat” in hopes of getting a handful of candy to add to the stash they’ve already collected. To a child, there is no such thing as too much candy… in fact the one with the most candy by the end of the night wins. What’s interesting is while children give the choice… “trick or treat,” we all know that they don’t want to be tricked. All they really want is treats!  They want to be delighted with yummy, fun to eat candy.

Are You Tricking Your Clients?

Your customers are the same… they don’t want any tricks; they just want to be delighted with the treats you give them. Only treats are no longer sugary bites wrapped in bright, colorful paper. They are valuable solutions, tailored to meet their very specific needs.  And they provide a measurable benefit to the organization and often times the person and/or person(s) buying that solution. Developing customized solutions is not easy though; it requires the ability to first identify the problem. And uncovering the point of pain, or challenge that needs a solution is difficult!  

Following are 5 ways to help you uncover the point of pain so you can treat your customers with effective and valuable solutions:

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Three Reasons Labor Day Increases Productivity and Revenue!

sales strategy
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Great Sales Managers Inspire and Motivate… Just like Great Teachers

Great Sales Managers Inspire and Motivate Just like Great Teachers“Back to School” is a highly anticipated event for both students and parents alike, albeit for different reasons… but highly anticipated nonetheless! As a kid I remember feeling a sense of nervous excitement the night before the first day of school. I couldn’t wait to see all my friends, share summer stories, wear my new clothes, find out if my best friends were in my classes, meet my new teachers, and since I grew up in the 80’s… show off my fabulous “big hair.” 

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Two Ways to Tackle Price Negotiation in B2B Sales

Sales Strategy“Is the price negotiable?” There are really only two ways to tackle this question.  

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Your Best Decision After You Lose a Customer or Client in B2B Sales

describe the imageAnyone who’s ever participated in sports, coached sports, or watched sports knows the object of the game is to win! We keep score throughout the game, because when the game is over we want to know who played the best and who deserves to be crowned the winner!  Salespeople in B2B sales are pretty much the same. They keep score by evaluating their new business conversion rates, by regularly analyzing their budget vs. goal numbers, by measuring renewals, and by consistently making sure they’re meeting their customer’s goals and ROI. When all of these things are positive… they consider that a win.  

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Lessons from the 4th of July: Victories Deserve Celebrations!

describe the imageDuring the American Revolution, July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was approved and signed by the Second Continental Congress setting the 13 colonies on the road to freedom with the resolution of independence from Great Britain. Two days prior, John Adams wrote these words to his wife Abigail:

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6 Horrible Words Customer Focused Salespeople NEVER Say!

6 Horrible Words Customer Focused Salespeople NEVER Say!Recently, I was talking with a salesperson about his initial approach to prospective customers. He couldn’t seem to get folks interested in having a conversation with him. He was hearing the immediate brush off of “no thanks, not interested” soon into every cold call. While this is common, there are specific tactics that can warm up cold calls enough to get prospects to take your call, and even set aside time by scheduling an initial call.  My call with this particular rep was to share some of those tactics and best practices to help him experience more success during his initial approach.

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Executive Coaching: I LOVE my Sales Manager!

I love my sales managerHow many times have you heard someone say, “I love my boss or I love my sales manager?” I would venture to guess you could probably count on one hand the number of times you’ve heard this proclamation. 

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How Firing a Client Could Increase Your Sales Performance

Sales PerformanceIf you’ve come to realize that the amount of time you’re spending to “manage” an incessantly needy client far outweighs the amount of revenue they represent for your company… it's time to think about firing them. 

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