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Should You Have an App for That? [Integrated Marketing Solutions]

should you have an appThere’s been a lot of talk over the last few weeks on the growth of revenue derived from apps; whether it is the adoption of subscription based apps or the in-app purchases consumers have become comfortable making. So comfortable that some say in-app purchases (a.k.a. clicking ‘buy’ in a gaming app) could reach over $4 billion in 2012- double that of 2011! 

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The Unsexy Side of Selling Digital Advertising

selling digitalNo question, some amazing online and cross platform campaigns have been produced this year. One of my personal favorites is Intel's Museum of Me. When I see these robust, multimedia campaigns come to life on my iPad, iPhone, or PC screen I am quick to post, Tweet and email links to friends and coworkers who will think it equally as cool. Because after all, when done right, it's another form of entertainment! With all that sizzle online creative can deliver, how much goes into building, designing and implementing such cool ideas?

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Storytelling: the Social Media Super Tool Your Sales Organization Needs

superThe people on our Digital Team at The Center for Sales Strategy are often asked if social media is worth the time and effort it takes. After all, it's work to create content, engage followers and develop a community. The answer is... YES! Social media, if part of an integrated marketing solution, is ABSOLUTELY worth it! Here's the social media super tool your sales organization can use to make your product (or that of your clients and customers) come to life:

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Integrated Marketing Solutions: Shiny & New vs. Tried & True

fireworksI make a habit of researching and evaluating all of the opportunities out there with respect to Internet and Digital marketing. If you do this too, then you can empathize when I say you can easily be overwhelmed with all the commentary, research and application you read from multiple experts in multiple fields.

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The Secret to Selling Digital Advertising

chocolate chipsEveryone has a Great Aunt Martha who safeguards her secret family recipe. She makes a special item— perhaps an out-of-this-world cookie—and brings it to every family gathering, causing relatives to rave. She goes on and on about the “secret ingredient” and years later, when the recipe is finally handed down, the family discovers there was no secret ingredient. Great Aunt Martha’s “secret” recipe was available to everyone all along: It was a recipe taken from the back of the chocolate chip package. The same is true with selling digital advertising.

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Your Tweets Can Make a Difference! Join The Center for Sales Strategy

TweetWe've spent the last month giving you reasons to join us as we live Tweet our reactions to the Super Bowl ads. We sincerely hope you’ll share your insights during the CSS Ad Bowl. Besides playing with the cool kids, honing your social media skills and picking up new ideas to discuss with clients, you’ll also contribute to a great cause.

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Digital Revenue Generator Increases Revenue and Digital Sales

digital revenueThe Center for Sales Strategy launched a new service called the Digital Revenue Generator that takes a different approach to helping companies build their digital revenue--a sequential approach combining training, coaching, and on-going support to help traditional media salespeople become more comfortable and effective selling digital. Matt Sunshine will run the Digital Division for The Center for Sales Strategy. As former Director of Digital for Susquehanna, and now Executive Vice President at The Center for Sales Strategy, he sees a large gulf between those who speak digital and those who speak analog.

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Video Killed The Radio Star: Using MTV's Approach to Selling Digital Advertising

rock starMTV, the station that gave us the VJ in the 80s, recently named their first TJ, or Twitter Jockey. Prior to August, Gabi Gregg was not famous; she was discovered through a contest MTV hosted to select the first TJ. And, in recent weeks, she has gained quite an online following (23,966 followers on Twitter).

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