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Weekly Roundup: Managers Are Forgetting This Priority, Reducing Turnover + More

Managers Are Forgetting This Priority, Reducing Turnover


"What you do has far greater impact than what you say."

-Stephen Covey


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1 Top Priority About Remote Work That Most Managers are Forgetting Inc.

We're quickly approaching the one-year mark since the global shift to remote work. According to Upwork, remote work has seen an 87% increase since before the pandemic.

Organizations around the world grappled with the logistics of running a remote company, ensuring that employees had what they needed to remain productive while working from home. Unfortunately, while trying to keep their businesses afloat, many leaders and owners keep neglecting an important success factor: company culture. >>> READ MORE


Retain Employees and Reduce Turnover Through Effective Talent ManagementCloserIQ

Confidence in your team has a profound impact on how much you can accomplish in a working day. With competent staff, you can leave a set of instructions and feel confident that everything will be complete at the end of the day. Of course, the opposite is also true. If you’re continually chasing up your staff, you will struggle to get through your “to-do” list. >>> READ MORE

How Sales Leaders Pivot to Close More Business in a Tough Market Outreach

The job description for a successful account executive is going to continue to change throughout the next year.

With changing times, sales leaders must keep in mind that the same things that drove revenue in the past are not necessarily effective in today’s market. In short, it pays to adapt quickly and lean into the discomfort of today’s selling environment. >>> READ MORE

Talent Acquisition in 2021: 6 HR Experts Share Their No-Bull Predictions–Breezy

From the pandemic’s economic impact to the ongoing battle for equality, the face of HR has changed for good—and every business needs to reflect that. 

To survive the new year, we need to get up close-and-personal with the trends that will impact HR in 2021, so we asked our favorite experts to have their say on what’s ahead, and let us in on their top survival tools for the coming year. Check it out! >>>READ MORE

Books for Sales Managers: 'Carry That Quota,' by Jesse RothsteinLinkedIn

Sales is a craft, and the more we put into it, the more we get out of it.

This is the guiding philosophy of Carry That Quota, a new book by Jesse Rothstein designed to help sellers get in tune with their passion for what they do. Reading through his stories and guidance, you might feel like a baseball pitcher working on a new curveball grip, or a quarterback throwing spirals through a hanging tire in the backyard. >>> READ MORE

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