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Weekly Roundup: Good Onboarding Leads To Better Employee Retention, Grow Your Local Brand As A Media Company + More

Good Onboarding Leads To Better Employee Retention, Grow Your Local Brand As A Media Company


"Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going."

-Sam Levenson


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Why Good Onboarding Leads To Better Employee Retention TinyPulse

The process of hiring and retaining employees is never easy. Hiring can be a rigorous, time-consuming endeavor that kicks off when a company publicizes its various job openings, and then ceases after a suitable candidate has been selected, vetted, and hired.

Naturally a newly-hired employee may feel out of place during the first few weeks of employment. It’s not uncommon to hear someone has submitted their resignation letter just months into the job.

Companies can put special structures in place to acclimate their new employees and help them feel more involved and part of a caring team. Employee onboarding is a crucial process that all organizations should implement to ensure that newly-hired talents not only feel comfortable, but also become content and productive in their roles. >>> READ MORE

How to Grow Your Local Brand As A Media Company LeadG2

As a sales leader at a media company, you spend most of your time focused on helping clients advertise and build their own brands. Sometimes it's hard to remember that you're also a B2B business that needs branding yourself. 

Recent data from Hub Entertainment Research shows that US consumers say they're watching a lot more TV than they did prior to the pandemic. And according to a 2020 Nielsen study, remote workers are listening to radio at the same rates as employees who were not working remotely — an astonishing 95%!

What this data tells TV and radio stations is that it's important to differentiate yourself from the competition. Below are four ways to do just that — and tips to help you grow your local brand. >>> READ MORE

Are You Training The Way People Want To Learn? HighSpot

Mountain climbers make sure they have everything they need to attempt a summit. Why? Because mastering their craft could mean the difference between life and death.

Salespeople on the other hand, may not be so inclined to pay close attention to their training. Sales training has a bad reputation – too often it is outdated, irrelevant and a waste of sellers’ valuable time. But in reality, training done right is the key to unlocking your team’s potential.

While your salespeople’s lives may not be on the line, their success is – and it’s up to you as the enablement professional to provide valuable training so that they too can conquer any mountain. >>> READ MORE

LinkedIn Surprises Workers With A Week Off To Help With Burnout Forbes

LinkedIn gave its 15,900 full-time employees a paid week off this week while a small group of core workers kept things running (they'll schedule their time off at a later date.)

Teuila Hanson, LinkedIn's chief people officer, told CNN the company decided to give employees the week after seeing how employees felt “energized” following the company’s December holiday shutdown. >>>READ MORE

Hire For Culture Fit, Not Experience Up Your Culture

Traditionally, employers have made hiring decisions based primarily on experience; looking at a candidate’s previous roles, a list of “required skills,” and seeking out those who they feel match a wish list of desired traits.

Harvard Business Review sampled 115 Monster.com job ads and found that 82% either required or stated a strong preference for experience.

The evidence from the same research study doesn’t support the idea that applicants with more experience will be better or longer-tenured employees than those with less. In short, experience doesn’t predict a new hire’s success. >>>READ MORE

How to Track & Visualize Close Rate by Sales Rep from HubSpot CRM Databox

On this episode of Data Snacks, we are going to show you how you can easily track Close Rate by Sales Rep in HubSpot CRM along with some advanced options you might want to consider.

If you’re a HubSpot CRM user, you’re probably already tracking things like calls, emails, logged new deals, and deals one all by sales rep.

Now, these are standard metrics for any CRM to track so that sales leaders may track not just their overall pipeline and sales but also to track individual performance. >>> READ MORE

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