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Weekly Roundup: Sales Meetings, Remote Employee Recognition + More

Sales Meetings, Remote Employee Recognition


"If not us, who? If not now, when?"

-John F. Kennedy


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Do You Really Need to Hold That Meeting [Quiz + Tips]HubSpot

"This could have been an email."

Those six words can take the wind out of an office. They mean that time has been wasted, employees are frustrated, and leadership has been ever-so-slightly undermined.

Unjustified meetings are inefficient and grating. Haphazardly putting time on colleagues' calendars — only to fumble with its purpose, conduct it without direction, or spend all your time talking at attendees as opposed to collaborating with them — takes a toll on everyone involved. >>> READ MORE

15 Remote Employee Recognition Ideas to Build a Culture of AppreciationTINYPulse

Has the way you recognize your employees changed in light of COVID-19?

Now more than ever, our employees need to feel recognized. This is due to the fact that a reported 64% of employees feel that recognition and appreciation is more important while working remotely.

At the same time, only 1 in 5 employees say their organization has implemented new ways to reward and recognize them since the pandemic began.

With cancelled employee appreciation celebrations, banquets, and other inconveniences, many of our remote workers are missing out. >>> READ MORE

Five Characteristics of Top Performing SalespeopleLinkedIn

There are two things that are true about all sales organizations:

1. They want to hire top performing salespeople.

2. They want as many of these top performers as they can find.

It’s easy to identify top performers after they’ve joined your organization: they’re the ones who immediately start closing deals, beating their quota and adding something positive to the team culture. What’s harder to do, of course, is to find those top performers before they join your team. >>> READ MORE

Why Data Has Become Indispensable Throughout The Sales Process–Inside Radio

Data has become the new radio currency, an essential fuel used for much more than just validating a station's reach and audience strengths.

From prospecting, to prepping for that first meeting, to proposal generation, closing, creative tweaking and assessing the campaign outcome, some combination of data, analytics and AI but is being used for every aspect of the sales process.  >>>READ MORE

Should Your Sales Team Go Forever Remote?CloserIQ

As the state of the pandemic is improving and more and more people are getting the vaccine, companies face the decision to remain remote or open up their offices again.

Despite changing circumstances, ensuring high sales performance remains a key goal for most companies. If your company took a hit due to coronavirus, boosting sales might be imperative.

A major part of making sales happen, and happen often, is setting up the right environment for remote sales teams. So, as full-time remote work transitions from the exception to a necessity to possibly an option again, is going forever-remote something that your sales team should consider? >>> READ MORE

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